It’s actually not that crazy that someone might look like a celebrity. Lots of people look like other people.

Not that it makes it any less cool.

I ran into my doppelgänger at a high school party back in 1997, and I know that if we had cell phones back then, I’d have definitely taken a selfie.

But these ones are particularly special, in that they’re basically impossible due to our current inability to navigate the space-time continuum:

#5. Johnny Deeeepp, man

“My great-grandpa looks just like Johnny Depp.”

#4. Girl George

“Today I like to think of myself as an Elaine, but growing up I was probably a George.”

#3. Victorian Kimmel

“My great-grandmother looks exactly like Jimmy Kimmel.”

#2. Not-alie Portman

“This is my friend at age 13.

He looked exactly like Natalie Portman.”

#1. “You’re a twin, Harry!”

“My son looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter.”

Photo Credit: Giphy

What about you?

Have you found your double?

Is it a celebrity?

Either way, if you’ve got a pic, we’d love to see it in the comments.