The 90s were an awkward time.

The bangs were high, and fashion was low.

The denim was acid washed, and often tight-rolled or tapered.

For instance:

#5. Acid Washed

So much awesome and awkward going on here.

But she’s got nothing on the next dude when it comes to acid/stone-washed denim:

#4. Pocket Man!

*Pocket Man!

Spendin’ Senior Prom at home alone…*

It probably is going to be a long-long time…

Luckily, he’s got that sweet watch.

Emily decided to rat out her dad’s Canadian Tux

“My Dad’s self-portrait. Is there anything more 90s than acid-wash denim and a fake Rolex?

As for the pocket, I don’t know what to tell you.”

There is no good answer to the pocket question.

#3. Bangs! Bangs!

Mandy didn’t mention which one is her, but she did shed some light on how this Achy Breaky moment came to pass:

“My mom thought it would be neat to wear swimsuits. Let me tell you– it was pretty darn awkward walking into an Olan Mills in swimwear along with the Achy Breaky hairstyles. Fortunately, enough time has passed that I can look back at this now and laugh.”

#2. Step it Up!

“That’s me in 5th grade. Shaved lines and eyewear retainers.”

#1. Tweedle Pump

So much 90s going on here:

  • The teal
  • The hair
  • The shirts
  • The overalls
  • Overall shorts?!
  • And the over-all look, which appears to be a tribute to the Reebok Pump, which you can see in the bottom-left.

Photo Credit: Kumon/Reebok

You have any good 90s pics?

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