Take a few minutes. Work can totally wait. These cuties deserve your full attention.

1. Oh so huggable

2. Fluffy Scottish Highland Calf

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Miniature Moos

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Boo!

5. Wow!

6. “My heart is melting”

7. Bear hug

8. Smile!

9. Ok, funny face for the camera!

10. Baby Jack

11. “Calf Posing”

Photo Credit: Flickr

12. Don’t mind me

13. Snow!

14. “Crazy like mom”

15. No way she can see where she is going

Photo Credit: Flickr

16. “Good stretching makes you feel good”

17. I see you

18. “Even covered in mud it manages to be fabulous.”

19. Gulp, gulp, gulp

20. “The flying calf”

21. King of the world

22. Yippee

23. A slight nudge

24. Mom, not in front of the camera!

Photo Credit: tumblr

25. I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

26. humpfh

27. With floral accents

28. I got it!

29. Milk mustache

30. Seriously mom?

31. “A boys best support is his mum”

32. “It’s so tiny and floffy!”

33. Grrrr

34. Just a baby highland cow.

Photo Credit: Reddit

35. Too much cuteness

36. Bravest behind mommy

h/t : bored panda

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