Ever been to a wedding where some seriously weird stuff went down? I’m talking about some over-the-top bad behavior that left everyone in attendance cringing?

If so, take a look at these AskReddit stories and see if yours measure up with these priceless gems.

1. Drunk mom

Drunk mother of the groom who ACTUALLY STOOD UP when the preacher said “speak now.” The father dragged her out with her kicking and screaming, literally kicking and screaming at him, while she slurred her words. She yelled and screamed all of the way out the door until more family got her subdued and took her home.

She was pissed because her son was marrying a girl she didn’t approve of.

2. Obnoxious

At my best friend’s wedding, a mutual friend of ours brought her obnoxious boyfriend as her date. He started dancing wildly thinking it’s funny. He repeatedly tried to start a slow clap, and had to be told not to stand on chairs 3 times. He tried to breakdance and knocked over the bride’s mother.


Went to a wedding where the mother of the bride came in a white, lacy dress.

She was SHOCKED and JUST FLATTERED that people thought she was the bride. She was SO SHOCKED.

I know she was, because that’s what she said every time someone made a crack about her looking like a bride. While she feigned embarrassment.

That woman is the worst.

4. All about me

At my friends wedding one of her friends ended up proposing to his girlfriend. Best way to take attention from the bride and groom and put it onto yourself. Kinda ruined the brides day.

5. Bad timing

Literally five minutes before our wedding ceremony started my aunt came up to me (the bride) and told me that my grandfather had cancer and mostly a few months to live. I had not known but seeing him that morning I saw that he was not well. (my parents and sister had (unnecessarily) kept it from me before the wedding)

Auntie dearest just came up to me and said: If I were you I would not be so happy, did you not know that your grandfather is dying? I cannot remember but apparently I replied: Well, let me get married first and then we’ll take care of this.

6. Class act

At my brother’s wedding his bride’s ex-husband showed up uninvited, drunk, and several of us had to escort him quickly out of the church since it was obvious he came to ruin the ceremony.

7. The Best Man comes through

Maid of Honor/Sister of the bride spent 20 minutes talking about how nerdy the groom was, how she and all her friends couldn’t believe when they started dating, mentioned going home with a new guy every week, brought up how her mom and dad didn’t like his parents for some reason.

She was underage and clearly drunk at a non-alcoholic wedding.

Best Man managed to salvage the situation by delivering literally the best Best Man’s speech I’ve ever heard.

8. Pure Rage

I photographed a wedding back in 2015, wherein during his speech at the reception, the best man inadvertently revealed to the 200+ guests that the bride was pregnant.

Up until that point, only a very select few people knew. The look of pure rage/shock/embarrassment she gave him was staggering.

9. Mother-in-law

Mother-in-law tried to hijack the photographer to take the pictures she wanted. I warned the photographer beforehand she would do this and he had mine and the bride’s full permission to verbally slap her down if need be. He did… brutally. I tipped him well.

10. Don’t invite this lady to your wedding

At one of my best friend’s wedding. His drunk coworker tried to have sex with literally everyone there. Tried to make out with a bunch of his married friends, male and female. Grinded on the 80 year old grandmother in a wheelchair, pulled random family members into weird dances. It was really awkward and everyone rejected her advances.

Oh, and did I mention she had her husband there too? He basically just sat in a chair drinking beer watching like he’d seen it a million times. Seemed like a real decent guy too, and I felt bad for him. Worst at my own wedding was just a drunk girlfriend of a friend doing stripper moves in a short dress sans underwear. But that was possibly the most popular event at the wedding so, no harm done.

11. Rude couple

So this wasn’t a rude guest, it was a rude bride and groom. They had a 5 pm reception with no food. None. Not even a cheese platter. They didn’t warn us beforehand so we didn’t know to eat before going. The reception was in a very rural location so we couldn’t run anywhere to grab a bite.

We had to write our address on a thank you note envelope. Which I’ve seen before. But, we were also directed to write our own thank you notes!

Finally, at 9 pm I told my husband we had to leave because I’m starving and they wouldn’t let us leave until we helped fold tables and chairs.

12. Granny

My wife’s grandmother managed to insult every member of my immediate family (and several other guests) before the wedding even started. I refuse to speak to her to this day. This wasn’t like a one thing she did that insulted everyone, she managed to do it individually person by person, without much effort on her part. A specialized snowflake like insults all around.

13. Call the cops

My sisters wedding immediately comes to mind. Our youngest brother, 18 at the time, was drinking at the open bar. No big deal, venue owner just asks that he doesn’t take any drinks outside.

My brother does just that. He got absolutely trashed in the parking lot and the venue owner threatened to call the cops after warning him more than once. I guess he figured if he couldn’t continue drinking, he’d invite his drug dealer friend to the reception and get high instead! The cops were eventually called, so he and his dealer friend take all the food they can manage to carry from the buffet table and flee.

At least it wasn’t a boring night.

14. DJ

My husband’s aunt (who was married at the time) took off with our DJ at the end of the night. We had to field a bunch of calls from her husband asking where she was and when she was coming home. Essentially, she went missing for a week after our wedding while she was with our DJ. So awkward…

15. The envelope

My uncle walked up to me on the dance floor at my wedding and handed me a small envelope. “There’s not much in here, but this is for you. Don’t tell your husband you have it, and when you get divorced in a few years, call me and I will send you more.” Then he turned and walked away.

16. Don’t point fingers

Not a bad thing but very memorable.

My brother got married in a Catholic church. He had 5 groomsman.

The priest HATED when a phone went off, and would embarrass the person if it happened during mass.

Anyway, a phone goes off. He glares at all the groomsmen. They are furiously checking pockets. The groom is checking, the congregation is all checking, all in a panic.

Then the priest reaches under his robe and pulls out his phone, and promptly shuts it off.

17. No magic

A friend of mine who is Indian has a family business where they run a few shops and gas stations. On the day of his wedding his future mother in law nagged him and his family out because he didn’t work in the morning at one of his stores. You know, like on the day of his wedding he chose not to work behind the counter for once.

Her logic was “how will he be a good husband to my precious daughter, if he can’t even handle his business.” Obviously this caused a huge storm which probably was even deeper than I understood because of their culture and customs.

The wedding did proceed, but the entire magic of the occasion was pretty much ruined.

18. Drunky

The worst behavior I’ve heard of though which I didn’t witness, was from someone I knew in middle school and I heard about the scene way after it occurred. She was the bride. She got very drunk at the reception, way more than she had any reason to be. Partied like there’s no tomorrow, including climbing up on a table and taking off all her clothes (or at least a lot of them). Middle of the wedding reception this happened, not like some special showing for the groom afterwards. I heard she ended the night by sleeping in a different room than the groom and with the groom’s best friend (maybe best man?).

19. Bail money

Buddy’s wedding day. He and his groomsmen are taking a bit of liquid courage outside the church right before the ceremony, and a cop comes into view. One of the groomsmen, perhaps pre-gaming too much, flips off and starts mouthing off to the cop, and the cop busts him for drunk in public/open containers, etc. Takes the offending groomsman to the station (mind you, not the rest of the guys drinking on the sidewalk, just the one who felt like taking it to the next level), and the ceremony keeps getting delayed and delayed — an hour and a half, so that the groom can bail out his pal, just to have him there for the ceremony.

20. As awkward as it gets

I was invited as a plus one to a wedding where the bride and groom were both in polygamous relationships.

When it came to speeches, they each invited another partner upstage. The brides partner talked about how they met and gave examples of how she was a great person. He also talked about how he was friends with the groom and he was great too.

Then the grooms partner got up. She talked about how they met at a party, fell in love and that their relationship was really special. Not one word about the bride. The groom was just sitting at his chair giggling and beaming at partner #2. He got up and went to hug/kiss her on stage.

There were some people staring in surprise and on one particular table (his side of the family) they were really cringing in embarrassment.

21. Bad Dad

My dad was really bossy at mine and it annoyed me. Nothing extreme, but it was frustrating. He tried telling my FIL what to do, who wasn’t having any of it, they showed up 3 hours late for family pictures and then he tried to pull me away from my dinner to take pictures on the deck…because they had all missed their chance.

I told him no, pictures were at 2pm, they didn’t show up until 5pm and I would make time for pictures when I could. But I ordered this food from a restaurant I actually like to eat at, so I’m going to eat my food.

22. WWE-Style

Friend of my wife’s wedding.

My first clue that there would be shenanigans was the bar for the reception. It was an outdoor wedding, so the couple had rented a tent, in one corner of which the bar was placed. Above the bar was a sizeable, neon, bud light sign. Now, this wouldn’t strike me as funny if the wedding was at a club or something that generally has a dedicated bar, but it is a bit humorous that somebody willfully said the wedding needed a neon sign in a tent, and actively ran an extension cord to run it. But I digress…

During the reception, I observed one individual who was clearly very intoxicated and trying to dance with every woman there. The whole scene got to me, and I leaned over to my wife and whispered “I bet you $5 a fight breaks out.” She hushed me and scowled, that I would make such a suggestion at a joyous occasion.

10 minutes later, the drunk guy must’ve hit on the wrong woman, cause the next thing you know, some guy had picked up a metal folding chair, and railed the drunk into next Tuesday, WWE style.

I looked over to my wife, smiled, and said “Called it.”

23. Drama

My wife’s and my wedding didn’t have too much drama. No kids allowed. It was started explicitly on the invitation. We wanted everyone to have a good time and to leave the kids at home. All of our friends knew, understood and appreciated the opportunity to cut loose. Everyone except the wife of one of my wife’s friends from high school. “We really want to bring little what’s her name. She’s quiet.” “Nope. No kids.” “Are you sure? We’ve never been to Atlanta and we’d love to bring her with us.” “Nope. No kids. No exceptions.” Well, guess who brought their kid with them to Atlanta?

One of my wife’s other friends tipped us off because they were in the same hotel. So, we got a hold of them and told them she couldn’t come. “But we bought a really cute dress and we don’t have a sitter!” “She can wear it in the hotel room while you send your husband to the wedding.” To his credit, her friend had tried over and over again to convince his wife to leave the kid at home with his mom, but she thought she could force the issue. Instead, she got to buy a dress to hang out in a hotel room with her daughter.

24. Not a fan of the bride

It was well known that the mother in law (MIL) wasn’t a fan of the bride. On the wedding day she turned up late in a pale peach gown that may as well have been white and looked exactly like a wedding gown. She was up and about at the church until the wedding March started to play at which time she hopped up out of the back and walked quickly up the isle basically in front of the bride to take her seat at the front. She started making this horrendous crying sound as soon as the wedding vows started and didn’t stop until the pastor presented the couple as husband and wife.

She promptly ran to the front and used her elbow to move the bride before throwing herself into the arms of the groom. At the photoshoot afterwards she kept trying to exclude the bride from the pics and posed with no less than 10 photos of just her and her son. So every pose he did with his bride, his mom tried to recreate.

I wasn’t invited to the reception but heard she gave a doozy of wedding speech about how she couldn’t believe the bride was stealing her only baby and implied quite strongly that the son only married her because she was pregnant. Bear in mind they were together for 5 years.