Schools are all about what you can learn. Right from wrong, good from bad, etc. But what happens if you’re learning about more bad than good? These 24 school scandals show that, while students can be troublemakers, teachers can be really bad influences, too:

1. That escalated quickly

We were watching a movie in chemistry class, and the lights were turned off. All of a sudden while watching, one of the girls screamed and our teacher turned on the lights. We all turned around and saw one of the girls in our class giving a guy a blowjob during the movie. Our teacher almost got fired because he didn’t notice it happening immediately.

2. Try not to laugh

Someone created a Facebook hate page for our school where the admin posted offensive posts about the principal and teachers (basically hate) and he got caught after a few months of running it. The posts were actually very funny and the page was quite the talk of our school.

Turned out it was the student leader of our school who created the page. Drama ensued. The police was involved too. He was then made to apologize in front of the whole school at an assembly, but he had no remorse. He was smiling the entire time, and trying not to laugh.

3. Silly rumors

I had a student start spreading rumors that I was cheating on my wife with her. I’m gay, I’m married to a man. My boss and I had a good laugh about that silly rumor.

4. Running off to join broadway

One of my best friends (still one of my best friends, actually) was pretty much a walking scandal. Openly gay dude in a small school in southern Appalachia. Every single day, there was some new whisper about him, something he did that just inspired people to carry on like he was some kind of witch. Apparently he was breaking into gay bars, sleeping with male teachers, partying like the sinful sodomite he is, and was dying of three different venereal diseases.

Also, was running off to join Broadway a couple of times.

Which is funny, because when his dad kicked him out, my mom took him in, so the most I usually saw him do was get high, botch making pizza, and think way too hard about Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

5. OH NO

A couple got caught having sex in the Biology lab. He was using test tubes to pleasure her, and after a few rounds, the test tube broke while inside her. They freaked out and that’s when the lab teacher walked in. They took her to the hospital, and both of them were expelled later that week.

6. Russian Club

The principal stole money from the school that was supposed to be for the Russian Club. There was no Russian Club. He ran off with one of the secretaries to Disneyland.

7. Service dog

Had a French Teacher who had a “hearing aid service dog”. Then later the school found out she had no disabilities and the dog wasn’t a registered service dog. She got fired for lying. Basically just wanted her dog there.

8. Sick day

This senior right before graduating made these weed muffins and delivered them to another high school down the road. They left them in the teachers lounge as a prank. 19 staff members ended up eating them and had to go to the hospital.

9. Senior Prank

Basically, the senior prank was going to be that they start a water ballon fight in the middle of the main building. Principle denied it. Seniors decided to do it anyway. There I am walking to class when all of a sudden people start shouting and I see water balloons flying everywhere. Then it escalated. Started off with people throwing water bottles, but it started getting out of hand quickly. People were throwing whatever they could get their hands on, and this quickly spread through the rest of the school. Some kids even stole the security guards golf cart and crashed it. Police where called in and stayed there the rest of the year, about 2 weeks. Also, we weren’t allowed into the middle of the main building, we had to find alternate routes to get to our classes, and were not allowed to just stand around inside the building. A few seniors were suspended and were not allowed to walk at graduation, if they even did graduate. And I hear from my sister that senior pranks are still not allowed. It’s been about 8 or 9 years since all this happened.

10. Foaming at the mouth

A kid in my religion class my sophomore year brought a huge water bottle filled with vodka one day to class. He proceeded to drink the entire thing. The kicker was that he had also taken 2 Vicodin before he drank the thing. Ended up foaming at the mouth and had to be taken by the ambulance in a wheel chair. He lived but was expelled afterwards.

We weren’t allowed to bring water bottles for a while after that.

11. Suicide

My fat grade 4 teacher broke his chair while watching a presentation and eating a bag of potato chips. Everybody laughed and we would bring up potato chips every opportunity we got. We had to draw a picture? Bag of potato chips. Have to write a story? The main character was a fat guy eating a bag of potato chips. People would bring potato chips for lunch and pretend to fall off their chairs while eating them when he walked by etc.

He killed himself two weeks later and everyone in our class felt absolutely [] guilty. (Years later I found out he was going through other stuff. Depression, alcoholic) but for a bunch of nine year olds, we were convinced it was because we made fun of him for the potato chips incident.

We even had social workers come into our school after he died and after a whole morning of everyone talking to a social worker one-on-one, one of the main social workers talked to the class as a whole and said something along the lines of “I know many of you are feeling a certain way about your teachers death because of something that happened with a bag of potato chips….” and proceeded to give us a whole talk about how it wasn’t our fault, though bullying is wrong, and that he loved us, but he wasn’t in a good place when he killed himself.

I still feel guilty about it to this day though. I still wonder if it was a contributing factor as to why he killed himself.

12. What??

The girl who hid her pregnancy from friends, family, everyone. Then she delivered the baby by herself in a shed behind her house one night. She came to school the next day and left the baby in the trunk of her car, a candy apple red fully restored 60s Mustang by the way. Someone heard it crying thankfully and it was fine. When confronted, her excuse was that “I didn’t want to miss school and didn’t have a babysitter”. Her family still didn’t know she’d had a baby when they were called. By the police.

13. Sex ed

Oh man i forgot about this until now. In middle school we had to take sex Ed in 7th grade. Our teacher was new to the school, young (mid-20s I would guess), pretty blond. All the boys had crushes on her. Somehow someone discovered she had been a model for some nude stuff before she started teaching (I don’t remember if it was full out porn, but definitely soft core stuff) and found the pictures. They got copies and hung them all over school. She quit.

14. False Allegations

This girl claimed that the science teacher raped her after he wouldn’t give her a better grade. The guy was actually a really great and respectful teacher. He was a bit weird but hey what do you expect from a science teacher. Word got around and then administration heard about it and the girl fessed up and told everyone it was a lie. The teacher was basically forced to leave town after this because apparently people don’t like alleged rapists around their children. So basically this high school girl completely ruined this guy’s life over a C in science. It’s sickening that even though we’re technically innocent until proven guilty it doesn’t really work out that way.

15. Gross

Kid defecated in a bin for a £10 bet. Teacher found it while taking a class into the classroom containing said bin, causing her to run out of the room to the toilet where she vomited. CCTV was used to find the culprit who was expelled. Worst part is he didn’t even get the £10.

16. Blog talk

I had a blog back in the early 2000’s when I was in 8th grade. I shared it with a couple of my classmates. Didn’t have anything terrible. Mostly rants and a couple of pictures of me and my friends doing dumb stuff (typical junior high stuff). Well my school got wind of it and decided to give my parents a call.

The principal sat me down with my parents and printed the entire website. They showed them all the posts and pointed out all the curse words that I had used (I went to a catholic school). Then they said that I could be facing lawsuits for posting my friends pictures online without their permission. It was this whole big deal and my class thought I was going to be expelled. They even notified the high school I had applied to and told me I was facing rejection (another catholic school). 1 week later and nothing came up of it. The whole thing blew over and I didn’t hear another word about it. My parents and I still laugh about it to this day.

17. Curtain call

My theatre department went through 8 theatre teachers in 3 years. The first one who had been there for 10 years or so was fired for sexual harassment and it was like a snowball effect going through one teacher after another after that for other reasons. Needless to say rumors were flying everywhere.

18. Multiple infractions

When I was in Grade 8 my class was the worst class in the school. Majority of the students were beyond disrespectful and just out right horrible.

I have multiple stories from this class.

1 Teacher planned on paying his mortgage after school and meant to keep his money in the car, instead he left it in his coat. Someone shoved their grimy hands into his coat and stole his mortgage money and also took the classes field trip money at the same time. The police were called in to investigate, but the student responsible was never caught.

2 The class outright made a supply teacher cry during a lesson in front of everyone. I forget the full reason to why she was crying, but I remember everyone was so evil to her for no reason, she was incredibly kind, people just saw her as weak and took advantage.

3 Everyone was pantsing each other so the police were called to teach everyone about sexual harassment.

19. Memer

One of the kids, who was a well known memer and had multiple meme accounts on twitter created a twitter account named (name of my school district) shooter and posted some things about Columbine and said he was going to shoot up the school. Apparently he meant that as a “joke” and was creating a “meme.” He got expelled and half the school (my half) thinks that what he did was horrible, while the other half worships him as the “Dankest Memer.”

20. Threesome

Two teachers were having a affair, (both were married and had a family) wanted to take things “further” and found a prostitute on Craig’s list to have a threesome with at a motel, Turns out it was a undercover cop. Most shocking thing I’ve ever heard because they were both pretty cool people .

21. Sterotypical

Jock went out with the smartest girl in school. Smart girl was very nice and tho not gorgeous she was very popular and loved. Jock was kinda picked on until he started dating her and got a lot of positive attention after they were a couple. One day someone was looking up an 16+ dance club and found pics of the jock and a promiscuous girl at our school grinding and kissing. They weren’t centered in the pic more of a “Where’s Waldo” thing but it was clear it was them. They denied at first, then said those pics were from a long time ago.

People called the club and it said all the pics were from that month. Their stories kinda fell apart after that. Smart girl was crying the day the pics broke out, jock was isolated from all social groups, promiscuous girl walked in at lunch and some people chanted slut. It was intense. I felt bad for smart girl obviously because she was so nice and didn’t deserve any of it but in hindsight I feel like the other two got too harsh of a treatment.

22. School shooting

There was nothing major but the one I can remember now is the day that there was supposed to be a school shooting. Apparently someone wrote something on a locker or something so the news spread and everyone discussed whether or not they were going to school. It ended up being a pretty hilarious day at school if you had a sense of humor about it. Kids were wearing hoodies and shades in the hallways trying to look shady like it was them. One teacher wore a shirt with a target on it but they quickly shut that joke down and made him change.

I forgot about it and got stoned that morning and during first period all the teachers were called out for a quick talk about how to handle the day. After the teacher left I started getting paranoid that the shooter was in the classroom and it actually freaked me out pretty bad until someone made a comment about wiping and we got on the discussion of standing or sitting when you wipe. That calmed me down.

23. Downgrade

The (former) vice-principal got caught changing his sons grades so he would be eligible for more academic scholarships. Needless to say he got caught and now teaches grade 8 socials at another school in town.

24. Gone again

A pretty unattractive girl who was largely ignored by 99% of the kids in my grade started dating a fairly unattractive guy who was new to the school.

One fateful day, the guy and girl were caught by a school maintenance dude having sex in the handicapped stall of the boys’ bathroom in the senior wing. Other kids had walked in, seen naked bodies writhing around under the stall walls, and alerted the maintenance dude.

Soon it circulated that the guy had been kicked out of several previous schools for this exact same thing. He and the girl disappeared from school for a while – eventually the girl came back. She was from a culture where doing this sort of thing can rain down serious punishment on you so there was a rumor that her parents had tried to send her to live with relatives in their home country.

At first the girl claimed that nothing had happened and it was just rumors. Then she claimed that they were only making out with some of their clothing off. Then she claimed that it wasn’t full penetrative sex. The next year, she was gone again.

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