Cats. They’re weird. We all know that, we can see it as we interact with them, but it takes a lucky photographer to really capture it on film.

These did:

#21 Classic.

Photo Credit: imgur

#20 But what does it mean?

Photo Credit: GiantJackelope

#19 Are they dancing? Are they fighting? Is one of them giving the other some really important life advice?

Photo Credit: zlx

#18 That’s not your face….

Photo Credit: Anarcher

#17 This cat looks bummed. I prefer Coke myself.

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

#16 Eye feel like making a pun here….

Photo Credit: shockthestar

#15 The slap-bet returns!

Photo Credit: kika marusova

#14 Gotta get in the mix.

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

#13 Might as well jump!

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.


Photo Credit: Natalia Rembowska

#11 Now that cat will smell like desperate, musky cologne for at least a week.

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

#10 On your mark, get set, meow!

Photo Credit: imgur

#9 Rainbow butt!

Photo Credit: nicholasm00

#8 This one’s arguably better because the cat sees the rainbow…

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

#7 …but maybe this one wins out because of the pink rug.

Photo Credit: Kärt Sepp

#6 This one makes me smile.

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

#5 There’s a joke for this, but it won’t top the picture.

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

#4 This one’s all artsy-artsy because it’s a silhouette.

…also, butts.

Photo Credit: Sleevenotes

#3 You eat this stuff?!

Photo Credit: Ashley Barker

#2 Almost got it…

Photo Credit: Kemal Selimovic

Let’s close this out with some love (but still keep cat butts involved)…

#1 Aww!

Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

I think what really tops this for me is that the two cats don’t seem to care about love, each other, or anything at all, for that matter.

h/t: Bored Panda

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