Let’s be honest. When you’re thinking of the coolest ways to spend your time, “cross stitching” probably doesn’t make the list. Often associated with grandmas, or knitting groups, or arts & crafts classes, cross stitches are the exact kind of kitsch that Kids Today love to make fun of.

Or so you would THINK!

Cross stitches have been long overdue for an update, and that’s exactly what they’ve gotten. From R-rated sayings to pop culture characters to memes, cross stitch has changed. Your grandma might not go near some of these 20 “updated” cross stitches, but we’re willing to bet they’ll make her laugh.

1. Drinking Buddy

Photo Credit: Haft4Life

2. Know Your Microbes

Photo Credit: Alicia Watkins

3. I’mma Let You Finish

Photo Credit: Sassy Stitcher

4. Dolla Dolla Bill, Y’all

Photo Credit: Alicia Watkins

5. Worthwhile Pursuits

Photo Credit: Alicia Watkins

6. Aim For The Head!

Photo Credit: Alicia Watkins

7. Dangerous Mind

Photo Credit: Haft 4 Life

8. Let It Fly

Photo Credit: Alicia Watkins

9. Ziggy Stardust

Photo Credit: Plastic Little Covers

10. She’s seen him in his underwear too many times.

11. Well I’m not sitting on THAT couch.

Photo Credit: Grammy Shop

12. Y’all Ready For This?

Photo Credit: Quirkorium

13. Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Photo Credit: Pyro Dog Pins

14. A Cross Stitch About Nothing

Photo Credit: Etsy

15. Another Cross Stitch About Nothing

Photo Credit: Cinema Stitches

16. “Duder,” and “El Duderino” are also acceptable.

Photo Credit: Pop Stitch Creations

17. Words Of Wisdom From Dr. Ellie Sattler

Photo Credit: Pop Stitch Creations

18. It’s Party Time

Photo Credit: Subversive Originals

19. A Writer’s Revenge

Photo Credit: Pinoy Stitch

20. And finally, I have a birthday coming up. Hint, hint.


h/t: Messy Nessy Chic