Toilets! They are perhaps the most utilitarian of all the household appliances, removing our bodily waste from the house with little fuss or muss. They don’t need any fancy bells and whistles. They get the job done.

That is a boring way to think.

Because it turns out there are many, many versions of the porcelain throne that are snazzier than the ones we’re used to. Today we’ve got a list of the most creative toilets (and urinals) out there. Maybe it’s time you jazzed up your bathroom, and your life, with one of these beauties.

Here comes the razzle-dazzle.

1. The Life Aquatic

Photo Source: Ranker

Let your goldfish know who’s boss.

2. The REAL La-Z Boy

Photo Source: Ranker

Yeah yeah, I know you THINK your recliner is a La-Z Boy, but you still have to get up and go to another room to relieve yourself. Or at least whip out your rubber tubing/gallon Ziplock combo.

3. The Natural Laxative

Photo Source: Ranker

Relieve your constipation with your fear of heights.

4. The Ski ‘n’ Pee

Photo Source: Exclusive Pix

It used to be, if you went to the bathroom while performing a ski jump, it was involuntary. Now, it’s a choice you get to make. Progress.

5. Flower Power

Photo Source: Ranker

It used to be, if you went to the bathroom into a flower, you’d get arrested. Progress.

6. The Brass Section

Photo Source: Ranker

John Philip Souza is spinning in his grave–out of jealousy!

7. The Fernando

Photo Source: Ranker

I know what I’m getting my parents’ for their 40th wedding anniversary!

8. The Time Saver

Photo Source: Ranker

I’ve definitely had some gaming sessions where one of these woulda come in handy. But also, no stalls?

9. The Throne

Photo Source: Ranker

Finally, you can crap like Louis the XIV.

10. The Liberace

Photo Source: Ranker

The only drawback is the rhinestone toilet paper.

11. The Rolling Stones

Photo Source: Ranker

Yes you can get some satisfaction.

12. The “Back To The Future”

Photo Source: Ranker

You don’t want to know how Doc and Marty power this up.

13. The Chopper

Photo Source: Ranker

Hey, it’s a long way to Sturgis.

14. The al fresco 

Photo Source: Ranker

Now you don’t have to miss a minute of your walking tour on Edwardian architecture.

15.  The “I Might Have Issues”

Photo Source: Ranker

Ladies, if your Tinder date has one of these, run like hell.

16. The Love Connection

Photo Source: Ranker

Sure, other couples might show their commitment by renewing their vows. But you’re unique.

17. The Guilt Tripper

Photo Source: Ranker

For all you Catholics out there 🙂

18.  The Skywalker

Photo Source: Ranker

This DEFINITELY isn’t the droid they were looking for.

h/t: Ranker