If you give a dog an inch, they’ll take two inches. Then maybe three inches. And then four and a half inches after that.

Hey, where’d the pizza go? Rocky!!!!!!!!!

These 14 dogs know what’s up, but they’ve found ways around the rules that you have to admire.

1. Dogging right

Photo Source: Reddit, anonim1230

2. That back eye game…

Photo Source: Reddit, Dwarfgoat

3. That look!

Photo Source: Imgur, sydleismith

4. Starting young

Photo Source: Reddit, The_Sass

5. Look at me!

Photo Source: Pleated Jeans

6. Looks comfortable

Photo Source: Reddit, Biffjedidiah

7. Adorbs!

Photo Source: Reddit, blh2

8. I’d rather have the chin

Photo Source: Pleated Jeans

9. Technically, he’s right.

Photo Source: Twitter, Yasmine

10. Keep pushing it, pooch. Keep pushing it…

Photo Source: Pleated Jeans

11. That dog owns you

Photo Source: Reddit, corruptcake

12. Stop torturing her!

Photo Source: Imgur, schweers

13. That paw under the door!

14. 10/10. Doggo is smart.

h/t: Pleated Jeans