If you think about it, taxidermy is among the stranger things that humans have come up with. It seems like the sort of thing that was probably developed a LONG time ago so royalty could relive their glorious hunts or something. But….nope.

While the practices of embalming and stuffing animals have been around since ancient Egypt, what we think of as taxidermy popped up around 1748 as a way to preserve birds.

The practice later became popular when John Hancock, an English ornithologist, presented a number of stuffed birds at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, which sparked a lot of interest during the Victorian era.

Even Teddy Roosevelt picked it up. In fact, this is his own private collection of taxidermy tools.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Sure, the art form has dwindled a bit, but it’s making a come back…and sometimes not in a good way.

Get ready, this is going to get ugly.

24. All the Feels

23. I don’t know…what do YOU think?

22. I’m awake!

21. Look out!!!!!! Squirrels!!!!!!!!!!

20. I don’t have a problem! You have a problem!

19. I bear. I sad.

18. Let’s put a SMILE on that face of yours…

17. True love!

16. Are you not entertained?

15. Hey! Listen to me!

14. Can I get you a chainsaw or a beer?

13. This party is amazing!

12. Perfect.

11. Can I go too??

10. Good boy!

9. Ohhhhhh…fancy…

8. I’m down like a badly stuffed clown

7. Please don’t pick me last.

6. Well, I never!

5. Don’t you judge me!

4. Oh, you done messed up son.

3. Weird Cubed

2. I. Look. FABULOUS!

1. Doing it froggy style