Growing up poor is tough.

And being a kid who sees other kids with luxuries they don’t have makes it even worse…

This tweet got the ball rolling on an interesting conversation.

16 people who grew up poor are sharing those long-ago envious thoughts on Twitter. If you can identify it, it’s awesome. If you can’t, you were probably the former, and it never hurts to learn a thing or two!

16. A good mom can make up for a lot.

15. Kids are always green at each other’s snack options.

14. This one is so eye opening to read.

13. Yep. Just putting what you want in the cart, paying for it, and leaving without even looking at the total.

12. You can’t put a price on that.

11. Turns out real Kleenexes are actual luxuries.

10. I do wish I’d been exposed to more international cuisine!

9. So many kids saw ice makers as a sign of luxury (we had trays, too).

8. Hand soap, yes.

7. Limited television options were real life.

6. That’s something most people definitely take for granted.

5. Eating out was a treat in our house, too.

4. Spoiler alert: they do not taste the same.

3. This one makes my heart hurt.

2. I remember feeling fancy when we moved to a two-story house in 5th grade.

1. I’m pretty sure many kids today would struggle to think about living without internet.

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