Let’s just clear some things up before we get into these posts: anyone who is drunk and gets behind the wheel of a car is NOT funny and is a total idiot.

And anyone who is a mean drunk is also not cool and not funny.

But these folks are different…

These 14 people are drunk and sweetly hilarious, though, so let’s all take a moment and salute them for doing the lord’s work, shall we?

14. You know what, this makes me smile.

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13. The only acceptable reason to puke in an Uber.

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12. That’s what we’d all like to know, ya know?

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11. In some universe, I guess. Not this one, though.

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10. When you know he’s the one.

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9. That’s gonna make a mess.

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8. Someone’s not getting a birthday present.

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7. I mean. She’s not wrong.

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6. I truly wish there was video of this.

5. The girl who cried wolf.

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4. I wonder who won.

3. Someone in the kitchen was cracking up.

2. You can’t even get credit for your favor!

Omg so drunk…
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1. Who doesn’t love cheese?


I’m missing college right about now, how about you?

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