In theory, furniture should be pretty simple. It’s gotta be functional, it’s gotta be at least somewhat comfortable, and that’s pretty much it.

And yet!

As with most things in our crazy modern world, designers have taken something that seemingly works fine and just gone nuts with it. Turns out furniture can be a lot more creative than whatever you have in your home. Like, REALLY creative. Like, “Is that a chair or is it a pile of meat?” creative.

Clearly human creativity knows no bounds! But, should it? Maybe. Check out these bizarre pieces of furniture and see for yourself.

1. Stand-up bed

Photo Credit:

I think it’s safe to say we’ ve all longed to be able to sleep the way horses do. And now we can. Did you know you’re living in the future? Welcome.

2. “Erotic” furniture

Photo Credit: Popsugar

If you go home with a Tinder date and they have this in their living room, run.

3. Octopus chair

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Even the stock photo model looks uncomfortable in it.

4. A Terminator robot crossed with a hell hound, as a table.

This’ll be perfect for the baby’s room!

5. Muscle chair

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Who knew that’s what’s underneath the upholstery?

6. Coffin couch

Photo Credit: Oddity Central

Just kick back, relax, and write some overwrought poetry.

7. Hair chair

Photo Credit: House of Onika

Here’s a tip: don’t sit on this while wearing a bathing suit.

8. A sharpened pencil chair

Photo Credit: Telovation

Designers are just trolling us now, aren’t they?

9. “Single” bed

Photo Credit: Dominic Wilcox

Maybe it comes with a Ben & Jerry’s you can eat while watching Master of None on Netflix alone in the dark hoping she texts you back because YOU thought the date went well. Uh…hypothetically.

10. Scarface rifle lamp

Photo Credit: Nerd Approved

Once you’ve bought this, what else is left to accomplish in life?

11. Ghost chair

Photo Credit: Dezeen

Sorry, but this one uses lasers to create ghost-like forms inside it. It’s not a chair with a real ghost trapped inside it. Those are illegal in the US and Europe.

12. Scorpion & Cobra chairs

Photo Credit: Homesthetics

This is a must-have if you host a deadly martial arts tournament inside an island volcano fortress.

13. A table made out of bread

Photo Credit: Homesthetics

What if the TABLE was ALSO made of food? Did Homer Simpson invent this?

14. The White Elephant

Photo Credit: Bureau Spectacular

This piece of “super furniture” is sorta like the Swiss army knife of furniture. Designer Jimenez Lai describes it as “An object that tumbles to attain multiple orientations to blur the qualifications of plans and sections.

Don’t do drugs, kids.

15. Uh…

Photo Credit: Seating Zone

Let us never speak of this again.


h/t: Buzzfeed