Raising small children isn’t easy. One of the trickiest aspects of parenting little ones is that as they grow up, the challenges change. Once you get used to your baby waking you up four times a night, suddenly they’re walking–and it’s your job to corral them. Once you get used to being their bodyguard, suddenly they’re talking–and openly defying your will. It just doesn’t stop!

It doesn’t stop, not even after the terrible two’s or the “threenager” years. Between ages four and five, children go through several developmental changes that lead to all sorts of interesting new experiences. They’re starting to learn how to express their emotions, but they haven’t quite learned how to filter themselves. They’re still developing their motor skills, and messes are inevitable. They’re starting to learn how the world around them works, and in their innocence they come up with new ways to look at the world!

Here are 15 Tweets that perfectly sum up what it’s like to live with a 4-year-old. (via Bored Panda.)

1. Eureka moment.

Photo Credit: @XplodingUnicorn

2. Biding her time.

Photo Credit: @bwecht

3. Resting her feelings.

Photo Credit: @cafchaosgrace

4. Walked right into her trap.

Photo Credit: @EverydayGirlDad

5. Been there, done that.

Photo Credit: @RinChupeco

6. Dear Old Dad

Photo Credit: @chemical_scum

7. The book? A Child’s Guide To Machiavelli.

Photo Credit: @JessicaCalarco

8. Momnesia

Photo Credit: @copymama

9. I’m stealing this one.

Photo Credit: @akemidawn

10. Retroactive permission.

Photo Credit: @Discourt

11. Winner, winner.

Photo Credit: @bwecht

12. Wait here while Daddy gets a beat down.

Photo Credit: @acousticcop

13. Boom. Roasted.

Photo Credit: @Chutup

14. The superhero’s burden.

Photo Credit: @KennedyConnolly

15. Good Dad Hunting

Photo Credit: @bwecht



h/t: Bored Panda