Having been to my fair share of weddings, I can say that most of them are fun, drama-free affairs. But we can agree that even the best weddings still have plenty of absurdity. Weddings are chock full of antiquated traditions that are so old they stopped making sense decades ago. Then there’s the bride- or groom-zilla, who must have every single part of their day be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, even though the wedding will be taking place in real life, where nothing is perfect. And that’s not to mention all the demands placed on wedding guests, like travel expenses, gifts, and having to be cheerful for three hours.

Luckily, there’s a great way to cope with all that wedding absurdity: drinking. But since we can’t serve you alcohol over the Internet, instead you can check out these wedding-themed Tweets!

1. Luckily, their wedding theme was “intolerance.”

Photo Credit: @theseamar

2. They’re still playing “Bathtub Gin” to this day.

Photo Credit: @BuckyIsotope

3. Let’s make this a new wedding tradition!

Photo Credit: @bobvulfov

4. This is all Pinterest’s fault.

Photo Credit: @DancesWithTamis

5. It’s hard to find five people available on the same day.

Photo Credit: @dafloydsta

6. Or you could hire a witch to devour a bunch of children.

Photo Credit: @pleatedjeans

7. But it adds so much class!

Photo Credit: @turbomanatee

8. Champagne taste, beer budget.

Photo Credit: @OtherDanOBrien

9. Millennials ruin everything.

Photo Credit: @jamesnielssen

10. This is what romance really looks like.

Photo Credit: @errdayhustlah

11. Loophole!

Photo Credit: @Thynebear

12. No bride’s outfit is complete without one.

Photo Credit: @CassieGrimaldi

13. How else are you going to watch Vanderpump Rules during the ceremony?

Photo Credit: @KrunkedRobot

14. At least nobody will be bored.

Photo Credit: @EireannDolan

15. Nothing like a wedding to bring people together to be angry.

Photo Credit: @hotpatooties


h/t: Buzzfeed