Getting pregnant is a huge and difficult undertaking…for Mom. Her body and mind undergo profound changes, and every day can be a struggle. But for Mom’s partner, getting pregnant is, well, not easy, but definitely nowhere near as difficult as actually being pregnant. Basically you become the ultimate personal assistant. Your job is to support your pregnant partner in every way possible, and then get the hell out of the way–which is as it should be!

Luckily, many fathers-to-be have taken to Twitter to share some jokes about life with a pregnant person. Not only are these Tweets hilarious, they’re also a handy introduction to a challenging time.

And hey, since nothing really can prepare you for getting pregnant, a list of Tweets is just as good as anything, no? Good luck and godspeed.

1. There’s never a dull moment. Literally.

Photo Credit: @dearpreggywife

2. Your problems seem a lot less important.

Photo Credit: @scottfsowter

3. It’s best not to question things.

Photo Credit: @dad_or_alive

4. Learn the nuances of her moods. It just might save your life.

Photo Credit: @RtGnB87

5. Just forget your home even has a thermostat.

Photo Credit: @FlaPnthrsPunk

6. You are always on call. Always. 

Photo Credit: @MrSpencer0817

7. Your place in the pecking order will be very clear.

Photo Credit: @aspen_writes

8. You wouldn’t get between a mama bear and her cub, either.

Photo Credit: @TheLensLife

9. “Trying new things in the bedroom” will mean something very different.

Photo Credit: @MaxKalifornia

10. Always plan ahead.

Photo Credit: @brendanmburke

11. “Fill her up”? Oh, you will.

Photo Credit: @WillKersey

12. They’re not for you. Hands off.

Photo Credit: @FrothyDad

13. Never let your guard down.

Photo Credit: @Jobliterated

14. If you’re not careful, you might be exiled.

Photo Credit: @huntington_bt

15. But if you do get exiled, there’s always a way to win her back.

Photo Credit: @sweetsjdh


h/t: Buzzfeed