There are lots of reasons to love summertime. The weather is warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities like frisbee or picnicking. The days are the longest they’ll be all year, allowing us to pack as much into our day as possible. If you’re the dapper sort, it’s the best time to break out your best linens.

But if you’re a parent, it can be difficult to enjoy summer at all. The kids are out of school, full of energy, and ready to cause mayhem–and it’s your job to contain them.

Luckily, summer is almost over. But in the meantime, you can enjoy these Tweets from parents who can’t wait for the calendar to flip to September.

1. The theory of relativity, summer edition.

Photo Credit: @adult_mom

2. Bedtime negotiations are ongoing.

Photo Credit: @maughammom

3. Barricade the doors.

Photo Credit: @maughammom

4. The official summer diet.

Photo Credit: @momTruthBomb

5. Every kid needs to learn how to entertain themselves.

Photo Credit: @sarcasticmommy4

6. The Supersoaker inventor is an actual sadist.

Photo Credit: @momTruthBomb

7. Summer is hot. So is hell.

Photo Credit: @WalkingOutside

8. The perfect storm.

Photo Credit: @Sarah_Joyous

9. Summer’s a great time to enrich your child’s education. Also, I am a liar.

Photo Credit: @copymama

10. When the kids go to bed, it’s time to relax.

Photo Credit: @WorkingMom86

11. The real reason spray-on sunscreen was invented.

Photo Credit: @mommy_cusses

12. The big questions.

Photo Credit: @ValeeGrrl

13. If your kid makes it to adulthood with their limbs intact, you won.

Photo Credit: @MommyisForReal

14. Remember to do things that bring you joy.

Photo Credit: @MfBigMeech

15. But most of all, keep those expectations low.

Photo Credit: @Faux_Ma



h/t: Someecards