There are people who throw parties and don’t bust out the games, and then there are..awesome people. Let’s face it – gathering around a game board makes everyone’s party (and life) 100% better inside of five minutes!

But if you’re feeling like your game closet (real or virtual!) could use a little updating, check out these 15 game recommendations from people who play on the regular.

#15. Great for…people.

“Quiplash. I love some good quiplash. It’s great for people you’ve known forever, and also for people you just met.”

#14. For 6+.

“Secret Hitler and Codenames are pretty fun games to play with a group of people, although you’ll probably want 6+ for them to be truly enjoyable.”

#13. Fun and easy to learn.

“The Resistance: Avalon is a great card game to play with a larger group of people. You secretly set up two groups of people and try to deduce which person is in which group through bluffing, deception, and lies. It’s a lot of fun and easy to learn!”

#12. Keep it in the car.

“5-minute dungeon! Takes 2 minutes to learn and 5 minutes to play a round ,me and the girlfriend have it in the car for when we go to our friends houses.”

#11. The Resistance.

“The Resistance is a great, easy, and cheap game to play. Highly addicting and easy to expand on.”

#10. Also, watch out for asteroids.


It’s an app you all have to download. You also have to be on the same wi-fi i believe.

Anyway, you’re all on the same space team, operating parts of your space ship. Everyone’s got their own console that has different switches, knobs, buttons, etc. Shit will slowly (but progressively more quickly and more intensely) start to go sideways, and you’ll have to perform different operations to maintain your ship before it’s destroyed.

The catch is that you’ll get an instruction on your screen that says something like “Adjust hyper-churn loop to level 3,” only, the hyper-churn loop adjustment knob is not on your console, it’s on someone else’s. You have to shout out the order, and whoever has the hyper-churn loop adjuster has to make the adjustment. Meanwhile, someone is probably shouting at you to activate the Mega-accelerator, which IS on your console.

It gets pretty intense.

Also, watch out for asteroids.”

#9. Well-balanced and hilarious.

“Murder Trivia Party is one of my favourites, it’s a well balanced and hilarious experience.”

#8. Ultimate Chicken Horse.

“If you have a console and 4 people then ultimate chicken horse is up there.”

#7. I like losing my friends.

“Mario Party

I like losing my friends.”

#6. Cheers to the Governor.

“Cheers to the governor is pretty fun

For those who don’t know: you sit in a circle and count from 1 to 21 (or any other number you want I guess) as a group, with each person saying one number. When you get to 21, everybody says “cheers to the governor!” And takes a drink. The person that it ended on gets to make a new rule for the numbers, like for example “say all multiples of 4 in a British accent” or something like that. Then you start again from that person. Anytime you fuck up the count or the rules, you have to drink. Every time you get to “cheers to the governor,” you add a new rule. It’s pretty great when you get to having a shitload of rules that no one can keep track of.”

#5. For 4 people.

“I don’t think it’d be good for much more than 4 people but I really enjoy keep talking and nobody explodes.”

#4. The best.

“Fibbage is the best. The best way to play is to play properly – Its too easy to type in bullsh*t answers, but if you type in “deceptive” answers – its a far better game.
Like sure, you can type in an answer to any question that is essentially “n0remack’s mom”, but if you read the trivia question and throw “sounds right, but its definitely wrong” – extra points.”

#3. A progression.

“Monikers is awesome, especially with about 6 people. Think Cards Against Humanity style cards, but the goal is to guess what’s on the card. First round you can describe with anything not on the card. In the second round, you use the same cards but this time you only get one word to describe it. The last round is charades.”

#2. Soooo fun and super cheap.

“One Night Ultimate Werewolf! Comes with a free app. Playing just requires one of you to have a phone. God it is soooo fun and super cheap!”

#1. Highly recommend.

“Balderdash. Not many people I talk to know about it but its awesome. Whats great is the players come up with all of the answers to the questions. So unlike apples to apples and cards against humanity you don’t get the same answers after a while. The questions and categories are very open ended so it leaves a ton of room for creative funny answers. If you play with funny people it can be one of the best games you will play. Highly recommend.”