15 Tweets For Anyone Whose One True Love Is Pizza

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle/@Molly_Kats


We live in divided times, but if there’s one thing that can truly unite all people’s of the world, it’s pizza. It’s great for lunch. It’s great for dinner. It’s even great cold for breakfast the next morning! Pizza is the pinnacle of human culinary achievement, and there’s literally no way to mess it up.

(And before you go to Facebook to comment, no, I’m not going to weigh in on the “pineapple vs. no pineapple” debate. I value my safety.)

If you’re not having pizza right now, you’re probably thinking about the next time you’ll get pizza. In the meantime, here are 15 Tweets about humanity’s greatest achievement.


1. Priorities

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2. The vicious pizza cycle

Photo Credit: @gabydunn

3. The most important person in your life

Photo Credit: @garwboy

4. Your last dying wish

Photo Credit: @RobinMcCauley

5. Enjoy pizza a bit too much? Try this life hack.

Photo Credit: @LauraLikesWine

6. There’s a right way and a wrong way

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7. Slice responsibly

Photo Credit: @KyleMcDowell86

8. No turning back

Photo Credit: @ericsshadow

9. It happens to everyone

Photo Credit: @behindyourback

10. Pizza will hurt you, and you will like it

Photo Credit: @rachelle_mandik

11. A love story for the ages

Photo Credit: @ixSEANxi

12. A Nobel Prize for whoever can answer this one

Photo Credit: @joshgondelman

13. It’s best not to think too much about your pizza-related decisions

Photo Credit: @kelseydarragh

14. Treat yourself

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15. The only bad thing about pizza? Sharing it

Photo Credit: @Manda_like_wine



h/t: Pizza Bottle