Ahhhh, the joys of moving in with someone you love…or someone you’ll at least love for a little while. Maybe? I don’t know, every situation is different, but it does seem like there’s a whole lot of growing pains and unexpected twists and turns when two people move in together.

If you’ve been through this experience, these tweets will be very relatable.

1. Sounds awesome!

2. How romantic.

3. Your SO is gonna love it.

4. Might have to accidentally “lose” that.

5. The things you’ll learn!

6. Wow…

7. A real treat.

8. Go outside if you must.

9. Just like paradise.

10. It’s all about the books.

11. A wee bit obsessed.

12. Used to just be storage.

13. Hope you have a big place.

14. Now she knows.

15. And after the breakup, too…

Tell us about your funny, interesting, and painful stories about when YOU lived with a significant other.

Let’s see if we can top each other!