Funny Tweets About the Hell That Is Homework

(C)Wikimedia Commons


I don’t know about you, but I dreaded homework when I was a kid. DREADED IT.

I’d put it off…and then put it off some more, until I reached the point of no return. It’s called procrastination, and it’s an art form, people.

These funny tweets about homework might bring back some painful memories from your childhood…

1. Sure it is!

2. Can’t say no to that.

3. Don’t ask me.

4. Emotional breakdown.

5. Here’s another example.

6. Literally anything else sounds better than that.

7. Oh, it’s gonna be like that?

8. Didn’t go as planned.

9. You did what you had to do.

10. Sure you are…

11. The important stuff.

12. Option B seems better.

13. That’s what friends are for.

14. Wouldn’t that be nice?

15. Leave it up to God.

Cheers to no more homework.