Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

And those things are often confusing, weird, mindblowing, and downright hilarious.

Don’t you sometimes wish we could borrow a kid’s brain like maybe once a month just to remember what having those thoughts and feelings was like?

I know I do!

People took to Twitter to share the funny and bizarre things that their kids have named random things and we are huge fans of the results.

Let’s take a look.

1. I like this!

Let’s go to the person garden…has a nice ring to it.

2. I kind of like that better.

Welcome to America!

3. Is that a threat?

You might just want to do what he says…

4. Get rid of the hippies!

The hippos, I meant…

5. He’s a genius.

No doubt about it.

6. I’m going to start using this NOW.

Bring on the bonus round!

7. Finger skaters.

Hahahaha. Funny.

8. This is incredible.

We all need to start using this immediately.

9. I’m a fan of this.

It’s very distinguished.

10. From now on…

These will be known as cake bagels!

11. That is…odd…

But just go with it!

12. Let’s all go to the crap store!

He’s definitely not wrong.

13. They’re all naked without their leaves.

Makes sense to me.

14. Oh, please…

This is hilarious.

15. Let us now have the snack chicken.

Yet another one you should start using!

I told you that they say the darndest things!

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, please share some of the hilarious things that your kids have said lately.

Thanks in advance!