The transformation that most dogs and cats go through when they are adopted from a shelter and brought into a loving home is really beautiful.

Those poor animals spend day after day locked up in cages and then finally, they get taken to a forever home and the love just comes in waves! And it lasts their entire lives (and your life, too).

What else could you ask for, really?

You’re about to see a collection of really wholesome photos that show recently adopted animals that we think will make you very happy.

Let’s enjoy these pics together!

1. A very good boy.

Living his best life.

We adopted Kane about a month ago. We don’t know much about his background or his age, but he is around 10-12. He is nearly deaf and blind. He is very sweet and just likes to sleep all day and likes going outside. He is a good boy from aww

2. This is adorable.

Can’t you just feel the love?

Adopted pit can’t stop hugging his new owner from aww

3. It’s safe to come out.

He’s warming up to you.

After two weeks of dwelling under the bed or random furniture as a rescue, he finally considered its safe to sit in my lap and gave me this look. from aww

4. That is a BIG kitty.

And looks like a loving one.

2 months after adopting an older cat I still can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t want this big bag of love. from aww

5. She looks very happy to me.

Now she’s in her forever home.

When I adopted her from the rescue I was worried I couldn’t make her happy. I think she is happy. from aww

6. Welcome to the family!

Good thing you found this cat in the woods!

Found this kitten in the woods, thought my older cats would adopt it but it looks like my big boy has accepted Daddy Duty from aww

7. No ear? No problem!

She looks just perfect!

Daisy, the kitten nobody adopted because of her ear from aww

8. Already feeling very comfortable.

That’s a good sign!

I only adopted him an hour ago. from cats

9. You did the right thing.

Keep them together!

I couldn’t separate the brothers, so I adopted both! And I swear they pose for the camera. 💙💜 from aww

10. What a good boy!

We should all be so lucky to have a Poundcake in our lives.

Meet Poundcake. He’s blind and deaf but follows me everywhere. He knows when I’m away from him and can sense when I’m feeling down. I adopted him from the pound 4 years ago. He saved me more than I saved him. from aww

11. Proud papa.

And the dog looks happy, too!

Rescued this Corgi puppy from the shelter a few weeks ago. My first Fathers Day as a Father! from aww

12. I love this picture.

Makes me want to go get a cat today.

Our first adult kitty adoption…she gives warm hugs. from aww

13. A big baby.

She just needs some love. That’s all it takes.

Adopted her 3 hours ago and she’s already so comfortable and happy to have a home, I laid down next to her and she just climbed onto me anybody who hates on pitbulls has never owned one of these big babies from aww

14. Hey, Hank!

Down a leg but doing just fine!

My girlfriend and I just adopted a three legged dog. Reddit, meet Hank! from aww

Those definitely made me smile!

How about you?

Have you ever adopted a pet? If so, we want to hear all about it!

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