Even if you’re not a fan of YA (that stands for ‘Young Adult’) novels, there’s little to no chance that the movie and television adaptations – The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, The Mortal Instruments, If I Stay, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and the list goes on – have escaped your attention over the past decade. Assuming I’m right (I am), you’re going to get the following posts. If you are a fan (like me!), you’re going to feel them in your YA-loving soul.

15. I mean, sometimes I would go to a basketball game or some anxiety provoking dance.

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14. There is a certain amount of “creative license” granted.

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13. Go see a doctor already!

12. I’m pretty sure you’d have better luck trapping people with the fries.

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11. #spoileralert

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10. And again…

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9. I mean, it could be. But it’s not.

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8. Whoa, this guy’s got a rep.

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7. That final comment tho.

6. #Always

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5. YA Protag in the Real World

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4. Ravenclaw 4Eva

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3. It’s what the people need!

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2. Taylor Swift IS a YA novel IRL

1. I used to read Nancy Drew and she was 18, SO SOPHISTICATED OMG. Now I’m like….girl, you’re 18 and you almost die like once a month and also, why don’t you love your boyfriend?

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