We’ve all typed the wrong thing into Google. Usually, Google’s smart enough to realize what we were trying to say and fixes it for us. Thanks, Google! But sometimes, even Google can’t understand our nonsense, and that’s when things get weird.

Because the thing about the Internet is, no matter how odd or nonsensical something sounds, you can probably find a picture of it somewhere in the depths of the web. Let’s say you meant to type “Matt Damon,” but instead you wrote “Batt Damon.” If Google’s having an off day, there’s a good chance it’ll show you a picture of a fruit bat with Matt Damon’s head–because yes, someone’s Photoshopped that image. Probably hundreds of people. Because who wouldn’t want to look at bat Matt Damon?

Over the years people have screenshotted their silliest accidental Google results. Google processes about 3.5 billion searches per day, which makes for a LOT of errors like this. And we’ve got 15 of the funniest for you below! (via Bored Panda).


1. Dog Bread

Photo Credit: @PinkMiruku

2. Macchu Pikachu

Photo Credit: 3h4pty

3. Ryan Goosling

Photo Credit: @JessicaNolting

4. Ariana Gandhi

Photo Credit: @ShaikHamzah

5. Tom Tanks

Photo Credit: @jackieuribee

6.  Tesla Cat

Photo Credit: @abigail_cunn


8. Overweight Car

Photo Credit: FlyMeToUranus

9. Corgi Shorts

Photo Credit: @DannyPage

10. Christ Pratt

Photo Credit: @Emmikate118

11. Baroque Obama

Photo Credit: @NoahMoyer

12. Battle Slippers

Photo Credit: @bandaidknees

13. Game of Thrones Cats

Photo Credit: @VZRSportsBelle

14. Jabbascript

Photo Credit: @GaryDower

15. And Finally, How To Knit A Butthole.

Photo Credit: @Eponine3193



h/t: Bored Panda