15 Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Ladies

Photo Credit: jennifer.ingle/Reddit


If you happen to be pregnant around Halloween, you have an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often: you can use your baby bump as part of your costume! It’s the one time in life when you can pull off a convincing beach ball, or Death Star, or fish bowl costume. Or ANY costume! The only limit is your imagination.

Here are 15 people who made the most of their pregnant belly on Halloween. It’s even better than eating enough candy for two.

1. Disco Ball

Photo Credit: stinakins295

2. Basketball

Photo Credit: lovelylana.86

3. Sunny Side Up Egg

Photo Credit: mz_sofly

4. Bird and Egg

Photo Credit: little_lady_smith

5. Wilson!

Photo Credit: those_ranney_kids

6. An Unfortunate Unicorn

Photo Credit: nicos.majah

7. Fortune Teller with Crystal Ball

Photo Credit: nadinegrandjambe

8. Juno and Bleeker

Photo Credit: kellymarie1963

9. Carmen Sandiego

Photo Credit: charmsie

10. Painter and Paint Can

Photo Credit: malbecks

11. Zombaby

Photo Credit: joelledana

12. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Photo Credit: taraashleyheidorf

13. Rey and BB8

Photo Credit: dodgergirl88

14. Gumball Machine and a Quarter

Photo Credit: The Glitter In My Tea

15. Violet Beauregard, plus Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa




h/t: Bloomjoy Collective