This probably isn’t news to you, but people really need to think before they post on social media. Take a moment to figure out the implications. And consider how people online will try to prove you wrong or make you look stupid…because that’s basically a way of life these days.

These 15 people definitely did not think about the repercussions before they went on the record with these posts…

Get it together, ladies and gents!

1. What a lovely hike.

2. What’s that in the background?

To misrepresent a sofa from therewasanattempt

3. Clearly an elite athlete.

Easy dude from quityourbullshit

4. Really threw the dog under the bus here…

Amount of prep some people put into these amazes me from quityourbullshit

5. A brutal burn.

It’s true, I was the box of tampons from thatHappened

6. Wait a second…

No coming back from this one. from quityourbullshit

7. Have you been to the Guggenheim lately?

Guy on FB says he almost bought a $65,000 painting at an estate sale for $75. from quityourbullshit

8. I really miss grandma…

9. Mr. Bow Wow…why?

10. Try to keep track here.

Redditor claims to be Puerto Rican, gets called out, then forgets to switch accounts before claiming to be (different) multiracial user defending first post. from quityourbullshit

11. Psssshhhhttttt.

“Easily calculate the amount of valence electrons in a nucleus.” from iamverysmart

12. A lot going on here.

The fact that 1 and 2 are exact opposites made this better from OopsDidntMeanTo

13. A new kind of currency.

To Math. from therewasanattempt

14. My name is “Latino Selfie.”

no, er, that’s my name from quityourbullshit

15. An amateur mistake.

Called out sick on the 4th, forgetting who he added as his friend… Let’s just say he was caught red-handed from cringepics

These poor souls…they never knew what him them.