If nothing else, Twitter is great for a whole lotta random laughs.

You scroll through the feed, you have a few chuckles, and then you get back to your regularly scheduled day.

It’s a nice way to take a break!

So let’s all do that together right now. 3…2…1…GO.

1. That is pretty accurate.

2. A real cut-up.

3. The horror!

4. You’re making the right choice.

5. Sorry, not gonna happen.

6. You’re surprised?

7. The sequel!

8. Hahahaha. Not bad.

9. This one took me a minute…

10. They always get screwed over in car chase scenes.

11. I hear you on this one.

12. A history buff.

13. What’s updog?

14. Not down with the lingo yet.

15. What a hedge…oh wait…

Are you laughing?

I know I’m laughing!