What is going on here?!?!

These photos all depict things that exist here on our beautiful planet Earth, but they all look like they appeared from a parallel universe.

Are they the products of a glitch in the matrix? A wrinkle in time?

You be the judge…

1. That’s pretty trippy.

In Malaysia we have green toast infused with a fragrant leaf called pandan
byu/Nakatsukasa inmildlyinteresting

2. A real work of art.

This perfectly squared tree in Sevilla
byu/Uskebasi1996 inmildlyinteresting

3. Never seen that before.

I found a set of circular playing cards.
byu/ChristopherJngs inmildlyinteresting

4. Among the giants.

My friend looks like a giant
by inmildlyinteresting

5. A good idea.

This detergent comes in a cardboard bottle
by inmildlyinteresting

6. Where are the pits?

Pitless avocado.
byu/Coby9 inmildlyinteresting

7. The Whoa sign.

This Amish village has ‘whoa’ signs for their horses instead of stop signs
byu/MisterPhox inmildlyinteresting

8. Looks like cotton candy.

This pink and yellow moth I found outside my front door recently.
byu/TheHighestFever inmildlyinteresting

9. BK in the sky.

Fog makes Burger King sign into sky advertisement
byu/TwoMuchGames inmildlyinteresting

10. Fire in the eyes.

This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.
byu/butterfly-the-dick inmildlyinteresting

11. Seems kind of wasteful.

A single egg carton.
byu/WhoppingRook09 inmildlyinteresting

12. The door to nowhere.

Found a door entering a field in Denmark
byu/michaelsj92 inmildlyinteresting

13. That must’ve taken forever.

Someone crocheted this tree
byu/sagadestiny inmildlyinteresting

14. Optical illusion.

The way the leaves grow on this tree make it look blurry.
byu/PrizeFighter23 inmildlyinteresting

15. Outer space flower.

This flower my mom bought looks like it was photo shopped.
byu/shaylynn93 inmildlyinteresting

I’m freakin’ out!

Okay, not really, but those items are all kinda weird, aren’t they?