Looking at vintage photos can be a great way to imagine what life was like before we were born. But sometimes, it’s what’s not in a photo that’s more interesting than anything that is.

Like when someone was cut out of an old photograph. People sever their connections with each other all the time, for all sorts of reasons. Today, cutting someone out of your life is as easy as hitting “Unfriend” on Facebook. But back in the day, you’d have to physically cut them out of your pictures.

Below is a collection of photos just like that. Some of them have accompanying stories, while others are a mystery–but whatever they did to deserve it must have been pretty bad.

1. Ripped

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

Something tells me Mom and Dad are no longer together.

2. A Grandma’s Loyalty

Photo Credit: Reddit

The story: “This was the only picture found in my grandmothers wallet after she passed away. It’s my senior prom photo but at some point she cut off my ex boyfriend’s head and still carried it around. This was the laugh my family needed.”

3. Down By The Seashore

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

Welcome to Sex and the City: 1919. I’m such an Agnes! (i.e. always getting cholera.)

4. The Whiteout

Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos

The story: “When my father got remarried after my parent’s divorce, my mother went through the family albums and cut him out of all of the family photos. Using scissors to behead him became too labor intensive, so she switched to white-out. This one is a photo of my mother and my father on a scooter.”

5. The Blackout

Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos

The story: “This is my prom picture. I found this version at my grandma’s years later. If anyone in the family had broken up with a significant other (or if she just didn’t like said significant other), she had a Sharpie ready to joyfully remove the offending partner. Grandma rocked.”

6. Everybody Dance!

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

This is the saddest conga line you have ever seen.

7. Grad To Meet You

Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos

They realized they didn’t have anything in common besides an interest in 12th century Turkish poetry.

8. Feeling Blue

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

Ann copied Mary’s outfit one too many times.

Also, I don’t really think the woman on the right’s name is Mary, I just have no idea what the hell that says. “Norty”? What do you think?

9. And Then There Was Irvin

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

He could’ve just taken a new photo, but Irvin looked GREAT in those slacks.

10. On A Boat

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

This is the first couple who ever tried to save their relationship by opening it up to a third person. Clearly it worked!

11. Scratched Out

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

Defacing this photo must have taken some work. You can almost hear them saying, “Why. Won’t. Someone. Invent. Photoshop. Already?!”

12. Clean Break

Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos

The story: “Our mom’s first marriage didn’t end well, so my grandmother altered the wedding photo shortly after the dissolution. Both our grandma and mom have since passed away but this is a good example of our family’s no-nonsense approach when encountering difficulties in life. Cut it out and move on.”

13. Poke Her Face

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

Things went downhill when Maude never paid Alice back that nickel, which in those days was worth $10,000.

14. Heart To Heart

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

This cutout was probably used for a locket. We hope.

15. The Yearbook Massacre

Photo Credit: Vintage Everyday

Best friends forever, or at least until until Stephanie made out with Becky’s boyfriend out by the smoking tree.

h/t: Vintage Everyday