Seeing a disturbing movie can really leave a mark on a young person’s brain.

I remember seeing The Evil Dead when I was about 7-years-old and it scared the hell out of me…and set me on a dark path of being obsessed with horror movies. But it definitely did a number on me, I can tell you that much.

In this entertaining Twitter thread, people talked about the movies that traumatized them when they were kids.

1. An interesting choice.

2. An intense scene.


4. Me, too!

5. I’ll be with you…

6. A tough one for sure.

7. Real-life zombies.

8. I remember it well…

9. You weren’t alone on that one.

10. Afraid of the water.

11. Terrorized a whole generation.

12. Good job, Dad!

13. As it did many people.

14. A solid choice.

15. A creepy, underrated movie.

Well, that sure was interesting. Have you seen a lot of those movies?

What are the movies that creeped you out and scared the hell out of you when you were a kid?

Tell us about it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!