Why do we fear rejection? Based on a very thorough and in-depth Googling, rejection is scary because we’re all social creatures who crave acceptance inclusion. When we’re rejected, it can make us fear that we’re fundamentally unlovable.

But one way to make rejection a bit less scary is by talking about. That’s what happened when Twitter user @captainkalvis prompted his followers to share their most embarrassing rejections. He started with a story of his own, about the time he tried and failed to appear exotic.

Things got funnier from there. Here are 15 of the most cringeworthy rejection stories.


1. Can’t even give it away.

2. Never pass up a free meal.


4. Pulling the ripcord.

5. Oh, Canada…

6. It’s nice to see the “wrong number” move is still around in 2019.

7. Extreme conflict avoidance.

8. Getting soggy.

9. Daddy issues.

10. Do you work here?

11. Try a little finesse.

12. The vomit-inducer.

13. Anyone wanna switch seats? Anyone?

14. You make me feel all lukewarm inside.

15. Actually…why don’t we measure everything in life in “Danny Devitos.”


h/t: Bloomjoy Collective