Between comics, books, movies, and television there are so many to choose from (though there could always be more!) but these 15 people are ready to double down and tell you their favorite.

Mine? Wonder Woman. Hello.

#15. Preach.

“Mrs. Incredible”

#14. The Scully effect.

“Dana Scully from X-Files. Strong enough to start the Scully effect!”

#13. What dreams are made of.

“Leslie Knope’s positivity and political integrity is the stuff dreams are made of

Oh, and Leslie-Ann is the best female friendship on TV.”

#12. So much more capable.

“Princess Leia! Especially since she is just SO much more capable than Luke and Han.

“Well somebody has to save our skins, into the garbage chute flyboy!”

EDIT: shoot chute schmute”

#11. Passionate and driven.

“I like Book Hermione Granger a lot more than the movies as they erased all of her conflict and issues. In the books we see how often she is bullied and that she is just as much of an “outsider” as Harry and Ron are, giving much more meaning to the trio’s friendship. The third book gives a lot of insight where she and Ron fight and she tells Harry that she knew he would take her side, which isn’t outright true, and is simultaneously struggling to stay top of the class for all of her many classes and help Hagrid save Buckbeak. Even when she is struggling she tries to help her friends. Even when she crumbles from pressure or life – which is often – she gets back onto her feet again and again. We also see how much she changes and developsto become a better person thanks to Harry and Ron, simultaneously helping them be better people too. Just as good friends should

She isn’t peefect either, she is passionate and driven, sometimes to the point of being overbearing. She completely disregards other people’s viewpoints at times, like Luna Lovegood, and even Harry (whereas Ginny actually understands how and why he looks at the world a lot better, which is why they are a better couple). She can also hold grudges, as evidenced by the curse she point on Marietta Edgecombe and blackmailing Rita Skeeta (those snitches had it coming though…) showing shades of darkness in her and her confidence in herself that she is doing the ‘right thing’ to be both good and bad.

Yet all pof those flaws are tempered by a huge capacity for empathy, compassion, intellect and magical talent. She sucks at Quidditch and getting why it’s a big deal for instance, but always supports the team for her friends.

There’s a lot of dimensions to Hermione and the trio, which is why I agree that she is a fantastic character. Luna, Ginny, Mrs Weasley and Prof McGonnagal are all great too.”

10. Marge Gunderson.

“Marge Gunderson in Fargo. The reason for this is that she isn’t sold to us as a strong female, she is written as a human being doing her job. At no point does the fact that she’s a pregnant policewoman become a preachy focal point, it’s all played very normally.”

#9. So brave.

“Chihiro from Spirited Away. She’s just a young child, yet she’s so brave.”

#8. Big damn heroes.

“Zoe from Firefly.”

#7. Female empowerment.

“All the women in Mad Max: Fury Road are powerful in their own way.

The brides who escape with Furiosa’s help refused to accept their fate with Immortan Joe and in the chase are prepared to use their bodies as human shields.

The old lady that stayed behind, defied Imortan Joe, tried to kill the tyrant and paid the forfeit of her life.

The biker women they meet in the desert also refused to live by other’s rules and help Furiosa and the truck.

Lots of female empowerment in an all round wonderful film.”

#6. Because you can’t leave her out.

“Buffy Summers.”

#5. Mulan.

“I haven’t seen it here yet but Mulan.”

#4. Badass mama bear witch.

“Molly Weasley. She is a badass mama bear witch! She’s also matronly, emotional, and feminine. She loves her husband, her kids, the kids’ friends who she takes in like a broody mama hen…and it makes her stronger, not weaker.”

#3. Nine-nine!

“Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine. Nine Nine!!!”

#2. Dark but strong.

“Jessica Jones”

#1. It’s hard to pick just one.

“All the major female charcacters of Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s hard to pick just one.”