Romantic gestures mean different things to different people, so the people who know and love us best are often the only ones who can really knock it out of the park. For me, it was a college boyfriend who cleaned up my entire station at the restaurant so we could go home together instead of me being an hour behind.

See? It might not seem like much to everyone, but for me at the time? SWOON!

These 15 people have some seriously romantic people in their lives who aren’t afraid to show how they feel – and there’s no way to put a price on that!

#15. What a mastermind!

“My GF at the time (soon to be wife) made me the best 30th birthday gift ever. You know how ppl alianate from their friends with age, especially when working 8-10 hours in corporate. Connections get shallow etc. At some point I was feeling I don’t have any real friends anymore. So she managed to prepare an old school, hard cover custom made album where all my friends since high school had written (by hand) a BD wish and attached a real hard copy picture (prefacebook editions). This thing had like 30 more pages. It had been traveling Bulgaria (where I am from) for months. She had to contact ppl she hasn’t ever met before and ask them to participate. She made Ppl that are living abroad to take a picture of the hand written wish so she can print it and keep the style of the “book”. It is scary what mastermind she can be when motivated 🙂 She is so amazing!!!”

#14. Drink it quick.

“I’m a big baseball fan. Had tickets to a playoff game a few years back, but the week before found out that I had to go away for some work retreat thing that was originally optional, so I sold the tickets online. Made a little profit but I didn’t care, I wanted to eat a hot dog and drink an overpriced beer with my girlfriend at a baseball game. Anyway, a few days before the work trip, of course they canceled it for our specific department because of funding or something or other, I don’t really remember because I was so angry. My girlfriend was texting me all day at work to see what we wanted to do that night, which I thought was weird because she kept asking over and over, and I told her I just wanted to stay home and sadly watch the game I missed on TV. Got home, she hands me a cold beer and says, “Drink it quick, we’re leaving in five minutes for the game.” Same-day scalped tickets were expensive, but she did it anyway, because she knew how much it meant to me. My team lost, but it was one of the moments that I realized I truly loved her. It was more the gesture than the money or the game, obviously, and she didn’t even like sports. We ended up breaking up amicably about eight months later, but we still stay in contact. She’s an amazing person.”

#13. Giggles like a child.

“Me and my SO work together and we try to keep our relationship hidden (of course almost everyone knows it, but they respect our decision). Sometimes when we are alone, even if it is only for 5 seconds, she surprise-hugs me when I least expect it and giggles like a child, knowing that I can’t return the favour. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I love these small gesture and for me, these are the most romantic things, she can do.”

#12. She just let me ramble on.

“Maybe this isn’t the most romantic thing but it was incredibly sweet and I think of it often,

I often get distracted working on projects in room and sometimes I can forget to stop and make sure I give my girlfriend the undivided attention she deserves, but the other day she just let me ramble on about what I was doing and how I should make her something and how I was getting some new tools, and I turned to her smiling and said “one day I’m gonna have such a nice workshop!”

The way she was looking at me and smiling, I don’t know, I just kinda realized she doesn’t really care about the new tools I’m getting, or if I make her something, but she really cared about how happy thinking about that stuff made me and she was gleaming with just how happy it made me to think about my furture workshop, even if it’s so off in the furture she never gets to see it. I guess her letting me ramble and seeing how she looked at me when I wasn’t paying attention made me feel really nice and cared about.”

#11. She was a keeper.

“My SO looked after my nieces with me for 2 years. We’d been together 6 months, at that point.

I knew she was a keeper. 15 years later and we’re still together.”

#10. It made me blush.

“My girlfriend travels for work. This year she was gone on my birthday. To make sure I didn’t feel forgotten, she had her parents prepare a surprise. I foolishly didn’t request the day off so I was at work when her dad arrived carrying two baskets and a bunch of balloons. At her request, her parents got me lunch, snacks, and even brought cookies for my coworkers. It was a lovely birthday surprise, even if it made me blush a little.”

#9. The simple act.

“The simple act of her excitedly running at me whenever I get home from work and giving me a big hug!”

#8. Just a movie.

“It had been my birthday a couple of days before and we got together with a couple of friends to watch a movie at her house or at least my naive self thought it was just for a movie. They all left in the middle of the movie to do something in the kitchen. A couple of minutes go by and they’re still there. Im wondering whats taking them so long. I look over and she’s carrying a cake for me. It really meant a lot to me since I’ve never had friends that cared enough to get a cake for me before that.”

#7. 365 notes.

“I left for a year to work on a fishing vessel, my gf made me a jar with 365 notes with little memories and messages to me in it to open everyday while I’m away. About 7 months in now and we’re not together anymore lol. Was very sweet regardless.”

#6. Random and unexpected.

“When I was young, I was a huge Dr. Seuss fan. When my brother and his wife had a kid, I wanted to buy my new nephew my favorite Dr. Seuss book Fox in Socks. I ordered it, and when it arrived my fairly new girlfriend and I read it together on the couch. It was a very cute and innocent night together. Fast forward to our one year anniversary: she painted me a picture of tweetle beetles battling in a bottle with a paddle on a poodle eating noodles – my favorite part of my favorite Dr. Seuss book that we read together when we first started dating. Such a random and unexpected gift, but one of the sweetest most memorable things anyone has ever done for me.”

#5. The smallest gestures.

“To me the small gestures are the most romantic. One night I was over at her parent’s place late after work and I was very tired and very hungry (got off at midnight) and she made me a grilled cheese but kept returning to the couch to scratch my back while it cooked. It came out a little bit burnt on one side but it was the best grilled cheese i’ve ever had.”

#4. On my face.

“Ran into a friend I had not seen in months and was going through some personal shit, so we went to a pub and I/we drank a a stupid glorious amount of beer. Realized it was near midnight and I missed dinner so while staggering home I was texting my fiance for food or “I will die”. Got home and immediately crashed on the bed, and because I was too drunk to move my arms she left a sandwich on my face.

It was amazing. I love her so much.”

#3. A note on the counter.

“My exgirlfriend left me a note on the counter for me when I woke up to tell me how amazing I was. She said how much she loved me and how much I meant to her. That was when we were dating of course.”

#2. A lucky guy.

“One birthday, early on in our relationship,my girlfriend came over the night before my birthday, right at midnight to take me out. We had a picnic by the lake, and she made all the food herself. Still makes me smile thinking about it. Another time, she threw me a surprise party, and Inever had one before, so that meant a lot as well. I really am a lucky guy.”

#1. A bouquet of sausage.

“My wife gave me a bouquet of sausage for my birthday.”