If you’ve never had the chance to ride public transportation in a major city, you’re missing out. When hundreds of people cram together in a confined space like a subway train, odds are some of them are going to be, well, eccentric. (Or maybe you’re the eccentric one!) Some folks just can’t ride the subway without their full Stormtrooper uniform, or their kiddie pool full of grape juice. And it’s the best.

Today, thanks to Bored Panda, we’ve got a selection of some of the most unique individuals ever to ride an underground train. And if you’re still jonesing for some subway flavor, be sure to check out Subway Creatures, an Instagram page devoted to this very subject.

Best of all, you can stare all you want without being rude!

1. Man’s other best friend.

Photo Credit: BookerDeWittsCarbine

2. The conference room was booked.

Photo Credit: brdesignguy

3. Grandpa?

Photo Credit: Subway Creatures

4. Sometimes, a Gameboy just isn’t enough.

Photo Credit: Subway Creatures

5. That’s one way to dodge a fare.

Photo Credit: Subway Creatures

6. Ho hum, just a typical pink chicken in a pink stroller feasting on Cheerios.

Photo Credit: Subway Creatures

7. She got tired of people violating her personal space.

Photo Credit: -purdy

8. Cheap, or genius?

Photo Credit: beckyshangrila

9. Everyone laughed when her father decided to marry a computer.

Photo Credit: kunstcameraman

10. Sometimes you famous people. Like the first and only astronaut from the Bulgarian space program.

Photo Credit: trespalmas413

11. When you wake up from a 30 year coma.

Photo Credit: Megalan

12. Everyone was hit hard by the recession. Even pimps.

Photo Credit: BongWaterTaffy

13. Depression takes many forms.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

14. Sure, you could carry pepper spray. OR you could carry a whole colony of bees.

Photo Credit: Subway Creatures

15. We now know what it would look like if Blue from Blue’s Clues got really into S&M.

Photo Credit: SubwayCreatures


h/t: Bored Panda