We humans have always been afraid of the woods–or, more accurately, afraid of what’s waiting for us inside the woods. This fear is the basis of many fairy tales and fables, from Little Red Riding Hood to Hansel and Gretel. It’s a legitimate fear, because when you go into the woods, you never know what you might find.

But not everything you find in the woods is scary! Lots of people have ventured into the forest and discovered something that was just plain weird. Sometimes they found personal items that were mysteriously abandoned. Other times they found weird and wonderful oddities made by nature itself. Some people even found that appeared to be left behind deliberately, for wanderers to stumble on.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: the woods is just as interesting as it is scary.

1. “This tree I found while hiking looks like a monster watching over you.”

This tree I found hiking looks like a forest monster watching over you.
byu/Glit-toris inmildlyinteresting

2. “Found this abandoned house in the woods in Russia.”

Abandoned Russian house found in the woods
byu/13×37 increepy

3. “Found this sword in Epping, England.”

Found this sword in epping forest , England .anyone have any idea on what the history is ?
byu/CodeNameScythey inmetaldetecting

This is probably a decorative sword belonging to the fraternal order of the Knights of the Sherwood Forest, which started in the US in 1879 and existed until the 1920s.

4. “I was driving through the backwoods of Pennsylvania when I found a mountain of ceramic dishes and tea cups.”

I was driving through the back roads of Pennsylvania on the way to a camping spot and found a mountain of ceramic dishes and tea cups in the middle of the woods!?….
byu/Awesome_Clips inWTF

5. Are we in the Hundred Acre Wood?

Found this in the woods while trail riding
by inpics

6. “Moved to Wisconsin. Found this in the woods.”

Moved to Wisconsin. Found this in the woods!
byu/jaysokk inpics

This is part of a Stevens Point art installation called “Out of the Woods: A Grand Entrance.”

7. “My girlfriend and I were walking in the woods when we found a rainbow swamp.”

Me and my girlfriend were walking in the woods the other week and saw a rainbow pool for the first time
by inpics

Read more about rainbow swamps here.

8. “Found a purple mushroom in Pennsylvania!”

Found this purple lil guy hiking in PA
byu/Mr_Jack_Frost_ inpics

Probably a Cortinarius violaceus, aka a violet webcap or a violet cort. It’s edible but tastes bitter and is primarily favored for its beauty.

9. “Took this while standing in a huge pond that sinks every dry season.”

Standing in a huge pond that sinks every dry season
byu/bradyboh inmildlyinteresting

10. “Found a dead robot in the woods.”

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11. “Found these stairs to nowhere in the New Hampshire woods.”

Stairs to nowhere in New Hampshire [480×640]
byu/kirbyfood inAbandonedPorn

These stairs are part of Madame Sherri’s Castle Ruins.

12. “A buddy of mine found this ‘dinosaur’ the other day.”

buddy of mine came across this dinosaur in the woods the other day

13. When you find out the hard way that your car is not an off-road vehicle.

Friend found this while hiking the Connecticut wilderness
by inpics

14. “What my parents found on their hike.”

What my parents found on their hike
by inpics

15. Not all toilets are domesticated. Some are wild.

*shhh* it’s a flock of wild toilets roosting
byu/MyDougs inWTF

So how about those? Crazy right?

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