The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards never, and I mean never, get old. They compile the best humorous wildlife photos from around the globe and give out awards each year.

Here’s a little taste of what some of the best pics from 2019 look like.


1. Let me take a look.

2. Alpacas are never not funny.

3. Wrong place, wrong time.

4. He just can’t help himself.

5. Follow me, it’ll be fun!

6. Everything was going just fine…

7. Ugh, I can’t do this today.

8. One thing is different from the others.

9. Let’s have a laugh.

10. Hang ten, bro!

11. Working on the new dance routine.

12. Hangin’ in there.

13. A big, bright smile.

14. Fishing fail by the big guy.

15. Oh, no, what happened?

I got a HUGE kick out of those. We hope you did, too.

Got any hilarious pics of your pets? Share them in the comments, we’d love to see them!