There’s no getting around it: some things look like penises. Sometimes it feels like the hardest (sorry) part of being an adult is pretending that huge mushroom you found in the forest doesn’t look like a penis, when clearly it does and everyone knows it. I wish they’d warned us about this in school.

But today, you don’t have to pretend! We’ve got a selection of objects that look so much like penises you might think they are penises, and we encourage you to giggle like the middle schooler you once were. If you can’t get enough dick doppelgangers from this article, make sure you check out our article about animals that look like dongs. And if you STILL can’t get enough,  you can head over to r/mildlypenis, the subreddit where these were first posted. It has over 140,000 subscribers who are just as immature as you are.

Your inner twelve-year-old is going to have a field day with this one.

1. Grandma’s table cloth

Photo Credit: BigPappa21

2. This finger, post-surgery

Photo Credit: GraTaylor

3. This tree

Photo Credit: woecameasyou

4. This sweet potato

Photo Credit: gijoeusa

5. The ice in this water bottle

Photo Credit: Romahawk

6. This person’s knee

Photo Credit: larq

7. This ceiling stain

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Jesus’s thigh

Photo Credit: SeriesOfAdjectives

9. This USA Today infographic

Photo Credit: Pariahdog119

10. This cracked iPhone

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. This rock formation

Photo Credit: monochroma380

12. This cloud

Photo Credit: coolburritoboi

13. This Spider-Man balloon

Photo Credit: KuwinnShady

14. This golf course hole

Photo Credit: Mo0oG

15. This pen case

Photo Credit: chompey403


h/t: Someecards