Even the fiercest cat lover would have to admit that sometimes, cats aren’t the best roommates. They’re known for using their owner’s furniture, and sometimes their owner, as a scratching post. They’re known to occasionally disregard the rules of the litter box and leave “deposits” in unlikely places, often shoes. And to make matters even more infuriating, it often seems like a misbehavior cat knows exactly what she did wrong and has no remorse whatsoever.

What’s a frustrated cat owner to do? You can’t exactly reason with them. Punishment might not do anything to stop the unwanted behavior. Sometimes, all that’s left to do is publicly shame your cat for her crimes. Let’s see how badly your tabby wants to knock over your collectible plates after she’s been SCARLET LETTERED FOR IT!

We’ve covered cat shaming before. Do you think cats have started behaving since then? They have not. The folks who run the always excellent cat_shaming Instagram account are still helping to shame misbehaving felines, and we’ve got 15 more cat criminals who deserve all the shaming. Not that it will do any good. (via Bored Panda.)

1. Almost the perfect crime.

2. Not quite Houdini.

3. Squatter’s rights.

4. Grinch mode activated.

5. The foot spa.

6. Anything is a chew toy in a pinch.

7. King Milo I, long may he reign.

8. A nice relaxing manicure.

9. Did I ASK to be rescued?!

10. The usurper.

11. Teacher’s pet.

12. The littlest pervert.

13. Do not pass go, do not collect $200

14. No remorse.

15. Sh*t outside the box.

h/t: Bored Panda