15 Moms and Dads Hilariously Share the Struggle of Parenthood on Twitter



The struggles of adulthood are real, people. Those little rugrats can push people to the edge of sanity if they don’t take a break to vent once in a while.

These parents took to Twitter to share their pain.

Moms and dads, do any of these stories sound familiar…?

1. Nice thing to wake up to.

2. Avoid at all costs.

3. Money well spent.

4. We have big news!

5. All parents dread this.

6. It never ends…

7. How could you?

8. Very good.

9. Genius!

10. It’s all coming out.

11. Following Mom’s lead.

12. I lost.

13. LOL.

14. Don’t even bother.

15. You said that out loud.

Parents, share some of your funniest and most painful stories about your kiddos in the comments.

Remember, you need to vent!