If you have a brother, you have a friend for life. Someone who will always watch out for you, who will pass on their hard-earned life experience, and who definitely would never torment you by, say, convincing you that your parents found you in the woods and raised you as their own.

Yeah, right.

I’m an older brother myself, so I know all of that is…idealized, at best. In reality, your brother is often your biggest rival. They know you the best, and therefore know how best to drive you crazy. They’re your main competitor for parental affection, or at least that’s what kids think. This is why relationships with brothers often have more backstabbing than a Game of Thrones episode.

So if you’ve got a brother, or if you are a brother yourself, you’ll relate to these memes about your best friend/worst enemy.


1. Sibling rivalry never takes a day off.

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2. Even in peacetime, you’re still at war.

Photo Credit: growingupwithsiblings

3. The daily TV battle.

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4. They have a unique way of showing affection.

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5. Having a brother prepares you for adulthood…especially if you join a fight club.

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6. Never ever EVER fall for this line.

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7. You will never see him the way other people do.

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8. Siblings have their own version of schadenfreude.

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9. Every brother is born knowing this trick.

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10. If you fight, this is the nuclear option.

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11. Every brother has done. Even Cain and Abel.

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12. If your brother has a reputation around the house, use it against him.

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13. Fighting, pause, back to fighting.

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14. Possums play dead. Younger siblings play maimed.

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15. Hey, someone’s gotta keep therapists in business.

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h/t: Buzzfeed