It’s not really fair to call any of the kids mentioned in these Tweets “dumb.” Small children are still figuring out the world in all its intricacies, and they’re going to make mistakes. When I was a kid, for example, I thought there was a person inside every ATM who dispensed the money, and that you could withdraw as much as you wanted. If an adult thought that, yeah it would be dumb. But since I was a kid, it was perfectly acceptable.

Even so, these kid-isms are still hilarious. As any parent knows, one of the challenges of parenting is when you can’t laugh even though your kid did something really funny. When a kid spouts some nonsense about the world, the right thing to do is set them straight. And after that, the right thing to do is write down what your kid said and share it with strangers on the Internet. Like these parents did.


1. Actually, this is kind of genius.

2. Today’s show is brought to you by the letters “S” and “M.”

3. Are you saying Tide can READ MINDS?!?!

4. Flipper’s NOT that kind of dolphin!

5. Crazy coincidence.

6. But it’s so cozy and warm in there!

7. Stupid ain’t cheap.

8. Next you’ll be telling me Batman is fictional.

9. Someone’s not getting that remote-controlled BB-8.

10. Nothing is too small for siblings to fight over.

11. Hey, can you drop me off a couple blocks away from the dog park? Thx.

12. Confidence is everything.

13. The case of the missing lunch box.

14. Dad will never notice.

15. As a parent, no matter how much you teach them, you’ll always miss something.


h/t: Buzzfeed