Everyone’s familiar with the concept of the midlife crisis. A midlife crisis can happen between age 45 and 65, when a person begins questioning how their life has gone and where their life is going, and inevitably buys an overpriced sports car.

But in recent years, our society has been acknowledging an even earlier milestone: the quarterlife crisis. It’s basically the same thing as a midlife crisis, just earlier. Young adults in a quarterlife crisis will often worry that they’re failing to transition into adulthood and setting themselves up for a lifetime of disappointment. So, instead of worrying that you’ve wasted the best years of your life, you can worry that you’re actively ruining them in real time!

If you’re struggling with a quarterlife crisis of your own, just know that it won’t last forever–pretty soon those feelings will go away, just in time for your midlife crisis to begin. And you won’t waste money on a sports car, because you have none to begin with.

If that didn’t cheer you up, here are 15 Tweets about the quarterlife crisis that definitely will.


1. Welcome to you 20’s. Hope you like crying.

Photo Credit: @anesuishec

2. You’re finally in charge of your life. Uh oh.

Photo Credit: @ImTheeBrock

3. First gray hair. First ad for a Chrysler Pacifica.

Photo Credit: @coreyeulas

4. This is how I feel on a good day.

Photo Credit: gillianismyhomegirl

5. The thirtysomething’s version of an Xbox.

Photo Credit: @krissymaecagney

6. Your ultimate fantasy? Becoming a shut-in.

Photo Credit: @gothicdogsclub

7. Ever feel too good about yourself? Just talk to a child!

Photo Credit: @Bill_Gross

8. Money is liberating. If only you had some.

Photo Credit: @itsBOMBARDIER

9. Oh, did you feel capable? Life would like to have a word with you.

Photo Credit: @theTHAKURAIN_

10. Is 2pm an acceptable bedtime? It should be.

Photo Credit: @Jaimelynne7786

11. Signs, signs, everywhere are signs!

Photo Credit: ktpointe

12. I might not have climbed Everest, but I have hoisted myself out of a La-Z-Boy.

Photo Credit: @Grifffowler

13. Sometimes there’s no right answer.

Photo Credit: @AbedBanna1

14. Feeling overwhelmed? Adjust your expectations.

Photo Credit: @Mr_Kapowski

15. And when all else fails, be like Groot.

Photo Credit: @irnstrk



h/t: Buzzfeed