There’s an old saying that goes, “a person’s home is their castle.” Our homes aren’t just places where we live; they’re our personal sanctuaries, where we spend most of our time and feel most secure. And one way to make a home more homey is to decorate it however you want.

But one person’s idea of a perfect living room or bedroom is another person’s hideous eyesore. Sure, some people might love to live in a place with fuchsia carpeting and puke-green wallpaper, but most of us would probably get headaches.

That’s the idea behind @pleasehatethesethings, an Instagram account that exhaustively catalogs questionable home decor. Below are 15 of the craziest examples.

And honestly, yeah, they might not be desirable to most of us, but the people who decorated these homes also put way more effort and creativity into it than most of us ever do. Good for them! We should all be so passionate about our living spaces.

1. Finally, you can crap like a pharaoh.

2. Equal parts genius and bonkers.

3. Grandma thought she’d run out of things to crochet. Then, she looked up.

4. Do you miss out on socializing because of your constant showering? This is for you. (Seats twelve.)

5. This bathroom was recently featured in Better Homes & Gardens For Rick James.

6. When your two favorite things in life are The Abominable Snowman and privacy.

7. It’s not a vision board, it’s a “vision bedroom.”

8. If you love his closet/shower, you’ll also love his recliner/toilet.

9. Regular walls too boring? Always forgetting where to put your feet while you’re on the toilet? Both problems: solved.

10. Howdy, neighbor!

11. Why did this happen? Because Wisconsin.

12. If Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow got a condo together.

13. This is why you don’t act like a dick to your contractor.

14. Does the carpet match the ceiling carpet? Heh heh.

15. For once, it’s nice to have a memory that only lasts three seconds.

h/t: Diply