A senior quote is supposed to be inspiring. For some high schoolers, it’s their final chance to give their peers advice to help them through the challenges they’ll face after graduation. For others, it’s a way to sum up their personality or their outlook, so that many years in the future their classmates can pick up a yearbook and be reminded of who they spent high school with.

But we’re talking about a bunch of 18-year-olds. In reality, high school seniors have been screwing around with their yearbook quotes since yearbooks were invented. (If you thought it was just millennials, think again.) Here are 15 yearbook quotes, via Buzzfeed and Bored Panda, that will make you wish you could go through high school all over again, just so you get another shot at your quote.

1. The best years of your life? Uh, sure.

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2. Embracing it.

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3. Someone’s still salty about the dress code.

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4. If you have a twin, you have an opportunity.

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5. He’s a lumberjack, and he’s OK.

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6. For the win.

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7. Greatest Of All Time.

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8. Looking on the bright side.

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9. True!

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10. When you’ve completely failed as a yearbook editor.

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11. You change a lot in four years.

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12. The parting shot.

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13. That’s brutal brutal.

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14. I have a feeling this quote was written at 4:20 p.m.

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15. Thank you for your service.

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h/t: Buzzfeed and Bored Panda