It’s almost October, so you know what that means: it’s time for your cat to get into the Halloween spirit! And nothing does that better than a Halloween costume made for your cat! Or, more accurately, since cats don’t understand concepts like holidays, horror, or time like we do, these costumes will annoy your kitty so much that she’ll scratch up your face like a sofa leg!

Below are 15 cat Halloween costumes you can buy for your feline pal, via Etsy seller Ticketyboutique, online retailer Meowingtons, and Petco’s Bootique. If you can get your cat to wear one for more than 30 seconds, you have won Halloween.


1. Bat Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

Look how happy he is!

2. Her Majesty

Photo Credit: CircusCatVintage

She already rules your house. Why not make it official?

3. Cop Cat

Photo Credit: Meowingtons

You have the right to remain adorable.

4. Cow Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

She doesn’t have to go very far to get milk!

5. Hipster Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

She was into catnip way before it was cool.

6. Catch of the Day

Photo Credit: Bootique

Torment your cat by making him dress as the one thing he wants the most, but cannot have. Confusing AND frustrating, all at once!

7. Astronaut Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

Comes with a rocket that will blast your furry buddy 300,000 ft into the atmosphere!

8. Lion Cat

Photo Credit: Meowingtons

Help him get in touch with his inner apex predator.

9. Doctor Cat

Photo Credit: Meowingtons

He’s the only cat who can neuter himself!

10. 1960’s Beehive Hairdo Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

Who’s hungry for a tuna-flavored jello mold?

11. Witch Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

Fun fact: this cat’s ancestors were prosecuted at the Salem witch trials. Wearing this costume brought up a lot of feelings.

12. Mug Shot Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

For the unrepentant carpet crapper.

13. Catula

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

For the cat who shares Dracula’s two favorite things: sleeping all day and drinking blood.

14. Therapist Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

Just like in the Peanuts cartoons! As Therapist Cat says, “You’re never as happy as when you’re licking yourself.”

15. Dog Cat

Photo Credit: Ticketybootique

Turn your cat into the animal you REALLY wanted. And then send her to the Therapist Cat to work out her subsequent issues.


h/t: UniLAD