Halloween’s almost here, and you have a perfect pup—so you know you need to get them all dressed up so you can show off your best friend to all your lesser friends and the trick or treaters who stop by for candy!

Here are 15 good ones to get you inspired for what you’ll do with your pooch on October 31.

1. Try to peel this onion.

2. The classic witch look.

3. Going for a vampire look.

4. Let me play you a song.

5. Ready for some deep-sea diving.

6. Metal head bulldog!

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Have I ever told you about the time Lu and I went for a morning walk in Central Park and ran across a man dressed as Gene Simmons talking to a couple of Europeans enjoying an early morning coffee in the park. Apparently this man had decked himself out of full Kiss makeup so he could secretly follow his girlfriend to a bar and spy on her. In that moment it just seemed amusing and odd. But as that memory ages it has transformed to downright creepy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hella amused that a dude in full on KISS regalia, including the boots – so know he was also GIANT, was walking around Central Park at 7am conversing with strangers like a local watching his dog play in the Park. THAT was funny as hell were it not for the sense of stalking… #lucostumeaday #halLUween

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7. I found him!

8. How are you feeling today?

9. This one is so good. The face just completes it.

10. A timeless classic.

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Oh I just can’t wait to be Queen

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11. Bane is in the house.

12. A little Harry Potter for ya.

13. Super Dog here to save the day.

14. Pugs are sad even when they’re rockin’.

15. He looks kind of reluctant about the whole superhero thing.

Do you have some funny pics of your pooch in costume?

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