Have you ever accidentally worn an outfit that made you blend in with your surroundings and you felt kind of foolish about it?

These photos are NOT like that because they are the work of a very skilled photographer, but they sure are beautiful to look at.

Photographer Joseph Ford has a book dedicated to this kind of work called Invisible Jumpers. Take a look at these pics.

1. That is pretty impressive.

2. Up the escalator you go.

3. Matching with a building.

4. This one is great.

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Tom and Dre, 2019 48 hours knitting by @ninadoddknits Thanks to @burlandmusic and @_andrenels for agreeing to pose. Often when looking for models I wander the streets for hours or days, searching for inspiration. I’d wanted to step away from the stereotypes of people who fish so I went to a skatepark. Tom and Dre were surprised to be asked to model but agreed. I’d scouted the location on a grey day, and the jumper colours only matched the sea wall when the sky was overcast, so we had to wait hours for clouds to come over. We weighed the fishing line down with a thermos flask to make it look like Tom had just caught a big fish. No idea what the real anglers thought we were playing at. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #invisiblejumpers #knittedcamouflage #knitting #knittersofinstagram #hoxtonminipress #ninadodd #josephford #blendingin #fishing #angling #fishermenofinstagram #fishermen #aquamarine #seaside #seawall #anglers #pecheurs

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5. A seamless transition.

6. Knitted for a perfect fit.

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I spotted this location in Brighton a while back. I loved the rich palette of greens and blues, the dilapidated door and the ragged grey mop against the wall. It seemed the perfect place to photograph Fimber Bravo, the renowned steel pan player. I’d come across his captivating music a few years ago and wanted to work with him for a while. Nina, knitter extraordinaire, loves a challenge and spent weeks working on this jumper. Time well spent. Thanks to #fimberbravo for modelling, @dukeofwoollington as always, @infinityfoodsbrighton for allowing us to take over your loading bay and @lilli.bpayne for your help on the shoot. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fimberbravo #knittedcamouflage #infinityfoods #brighton #brightonlife #knittersofinstagram #camouflage #musician #portrait #steelpan #dreadlocks #leaves #green #chateauoart

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7. Blurred into the background.

8. Identical twins, identical clothes.

9. Tiles for days.

10. Yellow for the win.

Do you have any photos of yourself like this?

Let’s see ’em in the comments!