I think we could all use a little mood enhancement today, don’t you? And I suspect I have just the thing to get us going.

Funny, random tweets that will really make you laugh and should instantly put you (and me) in a good mood.

Let’s get started!

1. This will instantly make you happy.

2. Joke’s on you.

3. Need to clarify this.

4. Didn’t go as planned.

5. Just disappear.

6. Hahahaha. Oops.

7. I did, too.

8. I want to hear more about this.

9. Party foul!

10. Never a good sound.

11. That was enough.

12. Dad has some moves.

13. Haven’t seen it.

14. All the same…

15. What’s the point of all this?

I feel a whole lot better after looking at those tweets!

How about you? Did you have a favorite?

Let us know or share another totally random tweet with us in the comments!