I love a good tweet, and I especially love a good funny tweet. Cause for some reason not all tweets are funny??

Like, why even bother.

I think it’s safe to say these tweets hit the mark in a big way.


1. Where are you going with this?

2. Let’s back up a minute.

3. Can I help you with something?

4. Which do you prefer?

5. I think I like “laundry sauce.”

6. A beautiful family.

7. Went downhill fast.

8. That is very odd.

9. I’ll take three!

10. Love/hate relationship.

11. Is there a problem?

12. The flux capacitor is malfunctioning!

13. He’s laying it down.

14. In case you get tired of him.

15. Don’t ever ask that question.

Funny stuff, no doubt about that.

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